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church, take two

Since we got home late last night, i’ve been tired all day, despite the occasional nap, but i went to church again anyway. There was an actual single sermon, but i seem to have spaced for that as well as for the children’s message. Oh well. It was mostly a nice service, i think.

At the end of the service the pastor did the cares and concerns thing and anyone who wanted to could share prayer requests. One woman, i think her name was Joan, asked us to prayer for her family who is in Iraq. As she spoke i started crying. Just silent tears running down my cheeks.

Coffee hour was nice. People don’t mob me to greet me, but i do seem to find nice people to chat with. And the pastor’s wife (Jenny) is so enthusiastic and friendly. They had the photo albums from their trip out. Very nice. They saw Dar Williams perform in Glasgow! And they’re actually friends with her, which is so cool i think. And i learned that her new album is called The Beauty of the Rain and is due out in January.

I definitely like this church and am totally going again next Sunday. Peter (the pastor) said they’re going to be doing the baptism of the children of Anna Murphy and Wendy... i forget the last name. I may have misheard the first names, but i would swear it’s two women. Oh how i heart Northampton.

I also like that no one has pressured me to join a Bible Study or anything. Last week Peter asked me if i came from a Baptist background (since this is a Baptist church, after all), but mostly people ask me if i’m new in the area and then when i tell them i’m a sophomore at Smith they ask me what i’m studying in, what i’m majoring in, where i’m from and stuff. Nice to have people interested in what i’m like as a person. It feels a little odd, though, because it’s so much like in the house here -- What’s your name? Where are you from? and so forth. I’m learning to be social.
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