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Close to Home 1.05 "Romeo and Juliet Murders"

Annie Potts guested last week, and the previous week was the "Suburban Prostitution" episode.  Clearly I should have been watching this already.  Except that I was really underwhelmed by this episode.  The characters have potential, and they grew on me as the episode went on, but there just wasn't that je ne se quoi that pulls me in to other shows.  I also didn't get pulled into the case itself though I usually do in other shows.  Maybe because the previews basically told you everything?  It was sort of weird watching knowing some of the major plot twists because I hate knowing stuff in advance but it was that plot twist that got me to watch this episode, and you have to give viewers something more than just "this is an interesting crime drama, we promise" to interest them.

Did I miss the fact that Christian Kane is on this show?  (He plays Annabeth's husband.)  We first see him in the kitchen being all suburban with his wife and their six-month-old daughter and I was all "Underneath"! (Angel 5.17)

"We should have an affair."  ♥!

The older brother's adopted?  Oh it's not even blood incest.  (Yes, I know, raised as sibs and thus still squicky.)  That photo Annabeth zoomed in on, though?  They so look in love.  I was impressed.

Oh, and I said above they tell you everything in the previews?  Well there was that twist at the end.  Which was kind of impressive.  Part of the problem is that I didn't feel like I really got a feel for either of the siblings.  The telling-not-showing didn't even feel over the top, I just felt like there was almost nothing I saw in the characters to back it up.  The troubled boy with the violent outbursts couldn't bring himself to kill his adopted parents?  The model student drama club star manipulated him and ultimately killed them herself?  It's not that I don't believe it, I just don't particularly feel it.
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