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CSI rerun: "Who Shot Sherlock?" (5.11)

"I didn't know you were a Conan Doyle fan, Greg."
"I'm not.  I watched a Sherlock Holmes movie once.  By accident."

"Guy looks like a drug dealer.  Turns out he's a mortgage broker."
"We all have our costumes, Joe."
Did Grissom really just call Brass by his first name?  I feel like that never happens.

"drop the accent."
"I cahn't.  I'm English."

Given "I read that in 10th grade." / "I was supposed to," I was hoping Sara would get it, but I suppose the 10th grade assignment was her one Sherlock Holmes exposure.  (Incidentally, I was never assigned Sherlock Holmes in school, though I grew up with it 'cause of my dad.  I really should reread them as I remember next to nothing.)

"I didn't kill him.  If I did, I would have taken the book."

When the security guard said, "They don't let you be a cop if you're on that medicine," I expected Brass to ask him what medication he was on -- and if he was still on it -- and wondered if he had multiple personality or blackouts or something -- so that he could have done it but honestly believe he didn't.

Incidentally: Given how we originally meet the three (and dude, that dress the lady was wearing? so reminded me of a Darla flashback) it was jarring to see them in their day jobs, though of course I should have expected that.

Wow that lady is crazy.

Nick & Warrick actually needed to recreate the accident complete with Gelatin Man?  You guys are too much.  (Also: Catherine in the chair in the Ecklie scene?  So pretty.)

Oh Grissom, watching his people.  Felt slightly ouchy, though, 'cause he was separate from them all celebrating together -- which is how it so often is.
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