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Why do I think it's the end of the week already?  Like all day I was sure it was anywhere from Tuesday to Friday.  (Though it is a short week.  Which conveniently resolves my angst about going to the Monotheism in Biblical Israel talk at the MFA -- i.e., I don't have to work the next morning.  Online ordering is such a hassle.  Think if I just show up Thursday evening they'll be sold out?)

Wandering over to sangerin's LJ 'cause she commented on a post of mine... this entry includes: "On tWW, the Republicans are human. They're likeable. You can sit there watching Ainsely Hayes or Joe Quincey or even Mulready, hating every word they're saying and still being interested in them and how they got to be like that. You can fall in love with Ann Stark (or Ainsley), or you can understand how Toby or Sam did so."  You all know this is the way to sell me on The West Wing, right?

The two Firefly crossovers I've written recently have been practically genfic.  What's up with that?  I'm also so doing the mental DVD Director's Commentary thing as I go along, which I don't usually; I'm seeing the scenes unfold in my head and writing all the details of people's movements and everything, and it's bad writing but I don't seem to know how to condense it.

Word count on the Tara/Kaylee:
Sunday night: 183 words
Monday: 1262 (additional) words

It currently has no title and kinda sucks, but it is finished and Ari has offered to beta it for me.

Guess this means I'm back to the River/Lilah/Dawn, huh?

P.S. *sticks tongue out at everyone who's ticked the "insecure freak" option so far*  (My own fault since I created the poll, I know.)

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention this.  Youse who came to visit me -- remember the house with the giant blow-up bat?  They have a giant blow-up turkey now.  Kinda grotesque.  Of course, I feel like I should take a picture to be able to show it to you non-Norwoodians.

Non-grotesque: Kama Sutra [1996 film] screencaps via hernewshoes.  (The thumbnail page is pretty much worksafe, but the full-size pictures?  Not so much.)

And I so need to get off my ass and submit to uninvited_zine.  Now, sleep, though.
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