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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"how can I go home with nothing to say . . ."

I walk out of my work building and see one of those pseudo-steeples atop buildings lit up against the dark blue sky, and then I walk over the bridge and see so many city lights reflected in the dark blue water.  Beautiful.

Over in hernewshoes, someone linked to a set of "I Love [city]" icons.  I was dissatisfied with the Boston one (#59 if you're skimming) so of course I searched GettyImages for Boston and will be making my own.

Also: icons from the trailer for the new Memoirs of a Geisha movie

Excerpt from an e-mail exchange from work today:
FA: "How much time do you need before your talk to prepare?  I’ll set aside time on your agenda depending on your response."
VisitingLecturerGuy: "I am flexible but 15 - 20 minutes is nice to catch my breath, make sure the presentation is loaded properly, and to use the little boys room."
Too cute.

MSNBC was on during lunch per usual.

Alabama governor calls for boycott of Aruba until Aruban govt. "fully cooperates" in hunt for missing blond white American [Alabaman, natch] rich girl who disappeared while in Aruba celebrating her h.s. graduation and left a nightclub with three young men.
Okay, I can see why people are frustrated with the local govt's investigation, but still, this is overkill, and I can't say I have all that much sympathy for this girl who disappeared.

Also during lunch: saw a casket ad, which beats out "I'm ready" (to begin chemo) for "They actually run ads for this?"

I worked on my Fred/Giles apocalyptic library fic today since apparently that's what I was in the mood for.  I started it in present tense, and I still feel like that works best, but damn it's annoying sometimes.
Day's word count thus far is 367.  I have had no focus all day.  Perhaps sleep would be of the good.

Other items:
- rilkeanheart made a really interesting post that has me thinking about Communion again.
- On the T this morning I saw a sticker for "Rage Against the T" but sadly the website is lame.
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