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life does not suck

Reading Day of the Dead Day After Tomorrow fic was apparently what I was in the mood for yesterday.

(And I did get 636 words of my apocafic written.  I currently have 3+K words, which is rare and impressive for me.  I've actually gotten most of the major scenes written and am primarily just hacking at it now making sure I have everything explained and fleshed out while still maintaining a narrative flow.  Also the whole fitting-it-into-canon issue; I'm beginning to feel like I need to write up a timeline outline.)

I had potato gnocchi with mushrooms -- and also cookies -- for lunch and took an extra-long lunch just because I could (and we watched some of Tom&Jerry and DS9 in the conference room) and had random high school talk with one of my coworkers.

So yeah, definitely a better day.  Still don't have responses from Prof.B. re: stuff, but I'm not gonna worry about that until I'm back in on Monday.

I went to the MFA thing 'cause I keep flaking out on things recently and regretting it.  I walked around for a while beforehand looking at some of the art I hadn't seen.  The talk wasn't great but wasn't bad -- and I felt really bad that I dozed off for like 20 minutes during it, especially 'cause I was for the most part really engaged.  Oh, and at the beginning the introducer lady mentioned a tour of the Semitic Museum that's a companion to this lecture series and was talking about parking options and I piped up, "Or you can take the T, 'cause it's just behind Harvard, right?"

I came home before CSI was over, but since Without a Trace was already set up to tape, I opted for bed.  And proceeded to sleep for like 14 hours.

So weird to think that I caught up on sleep, LJ, and e-mail and still have 2 days off left.  Of course, I've got quite a To Do List.

from offbalance: Lemur Species Named After John Cleese
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