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CSI 6.07 "A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 1"

We open with a high-speed car chase, complete with shooting. This is rare for CSI. Is that Sofia? And Brass. Very weird.

Having seen the ads for the CSI Miami-NY crossover two-parter I feel like Bruckheimer has one formula for sweeps this year and he’s sticking with it. (Which is fine; I’m just kinda amused.)

I got teary with the cop got shot.

The cop grabbing the guy’s gun was so shady. (And then when Sara and Warrick were doing all the bullet holes in the car. I’d been surprised that neither Bell nor Adams had gotten shot with all the bullets that were heading their way, so I was pleased that the show wasn’t actually being lazy.)

20 blocks ~ 1 mile *files away random factoid*

Greg: “Who’s with me?”
Sara: “A bunch of pissed-off people with shot-up cars.”

Brass: “You know she’s pregnant with her third kid?”
guy: “We all knew the risks.”

Nick’s mustache needs to go. However, he speaks Spanish? I’m impressed. (And it makes me sad that my Spanish isn’t good enough to understand what people are saying.)

“Sgt. Adams, I’m sorry for your loss -- if you’d like a few minutes to say good-bye.”
Aww. [Though by this point we’re totally suspicious of the cops and half-expecting some sort of confession when he’s alone with the dead guy.]
“You’re the best rookie I ever trained.”

Greg “Am I on overtime?”
Grissom: “Yes.”
Greg: “Did everyone else go home?”
Grissom: “No.”
Greg: “Good to know.”

Greg: “You ever bet on the ponies?”
Grissom: “I prefer poker. Horses are hard to control.”

“I got over firing AKs a long time ago.” -Warrick to Nick
Nick’s all, “Good guys, woo!” but Warrick not so much. Which means Warrick wins serious points with me.

What’s up with Sofia (and even Brass a bit -- “the next thing I remember”) having those blackout things? [Sidenote: Except for that weirdness, I never disliked Sofia in this episode, and at times even actually actively liked her -- e.g., when the cop went to grab the dead guy’s gun.]

When the cop first shot the guy who was surrendering up against the fence I was a little confused (and I actually thought Brass had shot him) ‘cause it was like dude, just walk over and cuff him. And I know you aim for the torso, but 3 shots right in the heart area was impressive. When Brass was giving his testimony, I realized that the cop basically shot the guy right when Brass showed up. Shady.

Bringing the 4th suspect out of the hotel, who called that he was gonna get shot? Oh yeah, everyone watching the show. That looked like a stomach wound, though, so he could totally live.

[My mom says clearly I need to go into cultural studies because I'm the only person she knows who takes notes while watching TV.]
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