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CSI rerun: "Snakes" (5.12)

[*looks at episode number* Hey, they’re running the reruns in order. How thoughtful.]

Opening: slice o’ life en el barrio . . . until you find a human head in the newspaper box.

When Al takes the snake out of the mouth? Love the look on Catherine’s face.

“Cover your ass. -- My pleasure.” -Nick to Catherine

Nick: Herpetologists always throwing the Latin around. What's wrong with just calling him "rattlesnake"?
Jesse Menken: My specialty, my jargon.

And again with Nick knowing Spanish. ♥

Sara moved to Vegas for Grissom? “Sometimes I look for validation in inappropriate places.” Yeah, way to go not really letting Grissom talk and basically avoiding really dealing with the issue. (And um, way to go Grissom, just letting her leave like that.)

“Veronica Juarez had a jacket just like this. Minus the tire treads.” Who (re)sells something like that? As soon as he said some guy had brought it in, brings him lots of things, I knew he was telling the truth and that it was the guy who had brought the jacket in who had killed Veronica. When was all, “Don't know name, only ... face. Cara,” I was surprised CSI didn’t bust out a sketch artist right then.

Jesus Mal Verde? [Jesus Bad Green?] “The Mexican Robin Hood, a thief and a killer, hung May 3, 1909.”

“You’re a disgrace to our community.” I’m glad that they make explicit the fact that the community is more than just the gang bangers, druggies, etc. rather than just relying on “Look, we have law enforcement officers who speak Spanish.”

“Deutschland uber alles.” Again with the me liking Sofia. (I also did when she was doing the shell casing thing with Greg earlier in the episode.)

The old guy in the nursing home? At first I thought he was gonna kill Warrick and then maybe himself. Don’t point a gun at anything you’re not willing to shoot.

Dude, that barback at the end (in the interrogation room)? Way creepier than tattooed man.
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