Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
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My grade for my Russian literature course is based on 3 things: class participation, and 2 10-page papers. I don't have much to say about anything we've read so far and don't even really like Pushkin (the author we've been reading). A good grade in this class is not gonna happen. It's gonna be like Milton all over again. So i'm just gonna drop the class. I'll still attend (and do the readings) 'cause i am interested (yes, i'm a massive dork), but i will be getting no grade. There will be no obligation, no stress, related to that class. I can handle this. Layna thinks i should take the Women Mystics course this spring, and i have heard many good things about Liz Carr (the professor), so i think i may audit it. 4 regular classes (incl. one off-campus, preferably at Hampshire), 1-credit self-defense, and auditing Women Mystics. That sounds like a reasonable plan for next semester.

"Let go of all expectations." -Jennifer Walters, Dean of Religious Life here at the Bubble, at Convocation
Tags: smith: course selection

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