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(I don't sleep enough.)

SmoothieGuy was in hiding this morning, but Amanda got me a 7-11 cinnamon roll (was more like a glazed donut, but that's okay) as a thank you for my help these past couple weeks, and I ended up not being hungry again until late in the day.

I learned from Amanda that Green Line service to Lechmere restored as of this past Saturday -- though it's only the E line that goes out that far.

She also shared amusing stories about her cat, Milo, and I'm not a cat person, but I was still muchly amused.

I was realizing last night that I didn't watch WWE this past Friday.  (Though honestly, I only watch on occasion and am usually bored by most of it.)  Then I heard from Jackie that Eddie Guerrero died (yesterday).  I hated the storylines they've had him in, but damn.  Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3.  The official site, of course, does not talk about his history of drug and alcohol abuse, which I found through GoogleNews, but supposedly he'd been sober for 4 years.  Age 38, damn.  That seems so young to be dead, though for an active wrestler that seems old to still be pushing your body like that.

Not safe for work 'cause i m ded from laughter: this thread from stultiloquentia's list of overused words/phrases in Spuffy smut.

lettered's guilty pleasures in fanfic comment thread is also at times very amusing -- e.g. this thread with dlgood on Angel's Felix Unger-ness and this comment from tkp about the usage of "orbs" for eyes.

Lovely: icons of Patrick's Rune ("all these I place between myself and the power of darkness") from A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle

As an offshoot of the misogyny, femslash, etc., debates, people have been posting lists of their favorite female characters -- frequently with explanations.  I decided I should probably participate/contribute, and predictably it has turned into more discussing than listing, so I suspect that's what I'll be occupying myself with this week when work is slow.  Am wondering whether I should just discuss the characters that particularly ping with me or if I should also include the kick-ass women I find appealling and/or great to watch.  Also: what about the ones who are great in theory even if canon doesn't particularly realize them as such *cough*Hermione*cough* ? [Also: Must try so hard to be true to spirit of meme and not go off on tangents about why assorted female characters don't particularly do it for me.]

Oh, and Meg asks, What does the word "theraputic" mean to you? What are its implications? Don't go look it up, just respond, and run with it.
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