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on linking

I've seen a bunch of fic links recently given with URLs ending in #t...

When you leave a comment and LJ brings you back to the page you had commented on, the URL changes to .html?view=numbers#tnumbers and you are brought down to the comment you left.  This means that if you copy and paste from your Address bar to link to the page from your own LJ, you will be bringing the reader down to your comment and not to to the top of the page where the entry begins.

The # command forces the reader to jump down to a certain spot on the page rather than beginning at the top, so keep this in mind also when linking to cut-tagged entries.

As a sidenote: I really wish people wouldn't force their LJ styles on their comment pages.  Banners and fonts and colors and a difficulty in finding buttons for thinks like "Reply" and "Add to Memories."  I'm a big fan of of the plain comment pages.  I usually use .html?style=mine when I link to things on my LJ and use .html?mode=reply when I'm reccing fics.  Whatever you do is your choice, but I'm a big fan of people being able to make informed choices.

If you go to manage your Personal Info, there is the option to
View comment pages in your journal style?
        Check this option to view comment pages in your journal style when following links from your friends page.
As a sidenote, below that is the option to enable/disable
Receive comment notification e-mails
        Check this to receive an e-mailed notification anytime someone comments to one of your posts.
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