Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Tomorrow is Friday.

Link from oyceter: Discussion of the flaws of the Memoirs of a Geisha movie [trailer] - with assorted other topics in comments.

This week's club_joss selection?  Has a Word Count of 43,970.  Did I mention that wisdomeagle finished her NaNo novel already?  As in, has written 50,000+ words of a single narrative.

Eric shared his French fries at lunch again.  And Mary Alice shared her Reese's Pieces.

Before lunch, kids were coming in seeking 475 (one of the conference rooms) and I quickly began preemptively directng them.  I saw Rick (from the 2nd floor) and joked that he was taking over my floor.  "Hey, this is what was reserved," he said.  After lunch, though, there were leftovers, including cookies and Coke (which I am developing a taste for -- *shame*) so yeah, I will never nag again :)

CSI and Without a Trace write-ups to come tomorrow ('cause I want some sleep).  They seem to be swapping Threshold's and Close to Home's timeslots.  The CtH ad actually makes me wanna watch the ep.  And I could have sworn that was Hudson Leick in the Threshold ad.  It's Elizabeth Berkley.  I have shame.  Too bad Ashley and I aren't speaking.  (I also could have sworn the ad said, "From the producer of Harry Potter."  Today's been a day for auditory hallucinations for me.  I thought I heard Eric say something about grenades.)

Really hope videoconference stuff pulls together and pans out (oh, metaphoric language) tomorrow.
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