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CSI 6.08 "A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 2"

No "Previously on"?

I recalled the suspect shot outside the hotel being shot in the stomach, but the clips this time were definitely upper right torso.  It happened quickly, so maybe I mis-saw.  I did not rewind the tape to check.

Mexican Mafia?  Damn.

One of the guys says that Brass claimed the suspect was pointing a gun at the officer.  I don't remember Brass saying that specifically (I know I always thought the gun was pointed in extension of his arms, which were up in surrender position) but I didn't rewind the tape to check from last week's episode for that one either.

"retroactive birth control"
"This the problem the community has with us.  You don't speak Spanish, so you think they don't speak English.  And then you run your mouth -- "

Grissom: "I said we hadn't found it yet.  I didn't say we weren't looking."

I actually like Sofia in this episode.  I was fearful that we would have months of traumatized!Sofia, though, so I was really glad Brass turned out to have been the shooter.  (I should have known CSI would go with the subtle interesting, but I come from Joss Whedon, who kinda goes for the maximum pain.)

Sofia: "And how many friends outside the department do you have?"
Sara: "I can recommend a departmental psychologist."

"I'll even let you buy me a donut." -cop to Catherine

Greg (re: Hodges): "Does he *bug* you?"
Grissom: "No more than anyone else who works here."

Sara: "I thought my orders, per the under-sherif, were to find the bullet that killed Bell."
Grissom: "Well, this is per me.  Come on, it'll be fun." [Gah, cheerful Grissom!]
Sara (cheerfully): "Okay."

Grissom: "Technically they're my guns."

Hodges: "I never was much good at sports."
Grissom: "Sara?"
Sara: "Yeah."  [I love her tone, of like, "Yup, I'm on it."]

Ecklie: "worse than the dentist -- better than the proctologist"
Aww, I like the subtle ways they make Ecklie sympathetic -- showing how even he really hates some of the demands made on them.  (See also "Secrets and Flies.")

"I've been discipline or suspended 6 or 7 times." -Brass
I loved his blase-ness -- and I so should have known we were setting up for him to have been the shooter.

Greg: "My left."
Sara (to Grissom): "He meant the other left."

Grissom: "I'm here -- in God's house..."
I defnitely read him as atheist, and he so has this tone like it pains him to invoke Truth with a religious slant.  It's a really interesting moment.

I wondered, at the diner, if the cops weren't really being all gossipy and askance-looking, if our view was being colored by Sofia's POV, but it felt harder to deny at the funeral.  When Mrs. Bell showed up, I fully expected her to rage against Brass ('cause she was mega-offensive at the station last episode, all "Why are they crying?  Your son killed my hsuband!!!") but wow, hugging him, "I know it wasn't your fault."  Way to go double standard.  Which of course is one of the major themes of the ep.

As we did last ep, we see the cops watching the coma-kid's father ranting, and we side with the cops who hate that no one seems to care an officer is dead.  But at the same time, this "omg we have to find out who killed Bell, pull all your officers" feels excessive.  (And I thought I had more thinky-thoughts about that, but apparently not.)
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