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Without a Trace 4.08 "A Day In The Life"

Toasting with an empty glass is bad luck?

"He's 15 years old -- Yes, we would like to file a missing persons report."
In that pause, I started to cry.

When the FBI people were all over the house, I was wondering how they determine a case gets federal staff.  My dad informed me there is no FBI missing persons division -- that this is all made up.

When they were asking the parents questions I was wondering if the show could pull off (and sustain through an entire episode) that delicate balance 'cause as audience we know why the agents have to ask all these questions even though we can understand how from the parents' perspective they're ridiculous and invasive and insulting.  [And for the record, I think the show did manage to successfully pull off this method of telling the story for the whole episode.]

When they start coming up with various dirt about the kid I was reminded of how my introduction to House was "Everybody lies" and how I can't handle that in sustained large doses.

Interesting that we really get to see how something like this can really tear apart a family -- all these underlying tensions ripped to the surface, all this distrust and anxiety injected into the relationship.

When they said they'd found a body I thought it felt really early (though they would still have to figure out *what happend* to the kid) plus they usually find a person rather than a body in my recollections, Jack's comment at the end notwithstanding.

Martin: "People can imagine it.  'S how it happens."
*applauds*  'Cause the constant repetition of "This is so unimaginable" gets grating as it is so patently false.

When the doorbell rang my mom, in a faux maniacal voice, said, "Girl Scouts!  Would you like to buy some cookes?"

I had been noticing also that Jack's entire staff was working on this case and thinking, "So does only one person go missing at a time?" so I liked Jack's line about how somebody else was missing at the close of the show (though I did wonder when these officers ever sleep).
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