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Close to Home 1.07 "Double Life Wife"

"I am not abandoning you."
Aww, Steve/Maureen.  (See, I dabble in small fanbase fandoms and end up desiring rarepairings; life is pain.  Incidentally, there was no Christian Kane in this episode.)

Spousal privilege means you can't testify against your spouse?  I can understand a law that you can't be forced to do so (though I would still find that problematic -- I mean, I find the Fifth Amendment problematic) but . . . I am boggling.

I, um, kinda dorked out at the "Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon" moment.

For the first, oh, three-quarters of this episode, I was not a fan.  I didn't like Randy (husband) or Lisa (driver) or Annabeth (blond prosecutor).  I didn't have a sense of quite what the truth was (and thus for whom I should be rooting for) and I felt like Annabeth was committed to one particular reading of the case and since I didn't get the vibes she apparently was it felt kinda cracked.

I forgave the writers by the end 'cause I really liked the fiancee and the neat [def. precise, tidy, skilled, etc.] way everything was wrapped up (in terms of motivation, etc.) but it didn't leave me feeling like I wanted to continue watching the series.

I really liked the resolution of the subplot (the testifying mailman who turned out to have a brother).
Tags: tv: close to home

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