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CSI 6.09 "Dog Eat Dog"

Opening sequence: Thanksgiving dinner, the cafeteria way.

No drawn out review process, for which I am grateful.  (Though now I'm worried that they're gonna move on completely, which seems unfair; I mean, you can't keep traumatizing people and then having them recover in like an episode -- though I do think they'll have the S5 finale have lasting repercussions.  We didn't see Sofia at all in this episode, now that I think of it.)

Huh, human stomach holds 1 liter/quart but can be stretched to hold 4.  Oh CSI and your trivia-source-ness.

Took a half an hour in to the episode for Greg to show up.  I was so feeling the Grissom/Greg in that scene, though.  Which is funny since I don't ship them at all.

What's up with the "meanie" song playing in the background during the hot dog examination.  I was not a fan.

Warrick: "Your wife made the pie."
Robbins: "I made the pie."

I hadn't actually realized Robbins was married.

And dude, first onscreen physical evidence of Robbins' disability.  Admittedly I haven't watched the show regularly, but my dad voiced the same thing while we were watching.

I'd seen/heard mention of it somewhere recently and thus thought of it during the recent rerun [Snakes" (5.12)].

ROBBINS:  So I hear you found a wheelchair.
WARRICK:  Yeah. No identifiable prints, only smudges.
ROBBINS:  Did you check the serial number?
ROBBINS:  You know, wheelchairs are registered with medical supply companies.  It's not something the average person would know.

Nick: "Hodges, heel -- better yet, play dead."
That was an impressively sustained exchange of puns.  Oh CSI and how you can't resist the bad puns even when you're making fun of yourself for doing so.
Also: Hodges and his hot dog thing?  I feel like every episode has some new way in which Hodges is unlikable.  Is this a CSI *thing*?  Like, Grissom is Aspergers-ish, and Ecklie's a hard-ass, but you love Grissom, and they're redeeming Ecklie this season, so they have to have somebody we hate or something?

Prader-Willi Syndrome?  [Yeah closed-captioning for easy Googling.]  Really exists.</a>  I wanna know how the CSI staff gets all this obscure info to work into every episode.  (Yeah, I'm sure they have interns or something.)

I was thinking of the infamous death-by-fat-person-smothering episode (which I caught part of in rerun but I think have yet to see full through) from practically the beginning of the episode.

"PWS is a complex genetic disorder that includes short stature, mental retardation or learning disabilities, incomplete sexual development, characteristic behavior problems, low muscle tone, and an involuntary urge to eat constantly, which, coupled with a reduced need for calories, leads to obesity."

"PWS is a complex genetic disorder that typically causes low muscle tone, short stature, incomplete sexual development, cognitive disabilities, problem behaviors, and a chronic feeling of hunger that can lead to excessive eating and life-threatening obesity."

I was thinking how bizarre it was to restrain a person to a chair their whole life, thought there must be medication for this [the Internet says there's not], and really wouldn't it be kinder just to kill them?  I mean, to be hungry for 30 years?  I know I can't focus well or work well when I'm hungry.  If that were a perpetual state of being....

One thing that had also bugged me was how Jerry got no character development.  He was obsessed with eating all the time, and that was it.  This felt troubling to me, and reading on the Internet that the disorder causes stunted brain development made me a lot more okay with this, because then it was a 30-year-old guy whose brain was not that of a 30-year-old's, rather than a 30-year-old who was obsessed with food to the exclusion of all else.  However, I wished Grissom had mentioned this when he explained about the disease.  [It takes hunting to get related information about fingernail biting.  "Individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome have an increased risk of developing self-destructive behaviours such as frequent biting and picking at their own bodies, particularly around their fingernails and toenails, and around little sores."]

P.S. This Saturday's CSI rerun is "Nesting Dolls" (5.13) which I've seen before.  Reading the description reminds me that I would really like to watch the series from the beginning, watching the relationships develop.
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