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Um, what happened to November?

December begins on Thursday.  Which means it's crunchtime for those of us who are obsessive about getting our sites (read: recs) updated on the first of the month [or close thereto, as we have some sanity].

I've been leaving feedback on stuff and getting e-mail notifications of replies to maybe half of them.  [Clarification: I mean, of the replies that I know have been made, about half have showed up in my e-box.]  This makes me sad.  The Recent Comments tool is a blessing (sidenote: I don't understand how/why lj_maintenance, Status, and Support have all neglected to mention said function even though they are aware that "Outgoing email (such as comment notifications or payment receipts) delayed or missing" has been an issue since this latest server move began) and lets me keep track of where I've commented, but only to a point, and of course it's no help for seeing if you've gotten comments on an entry you posted to a community.  I really really hope that all the missing comments are hanging out in a queue somewhere and not lost forever -- primarily because I would be sad to know that feedback had disappeared into the ether.

I sussed out my church-hopping plan a couple nights ago.

First Sunday in Advent: Trinity
Second Sunday in Advent: Emmanuel Lutheran
Third Sunday in Advent: Greek Orthodox
Fourth Sunday in Advent: Grace Episcopal
Christmas Eve: United
Christmas Day: St. Catherine's
the next time I go to church after that ('cause if I end up going to a New Year's Eve party, I'm not likely to go to church on New Year's Day): the Baptist

So now I'm looking up when services actually are, since I can't in fact just show up anywhere at 10am on Sunday.  (Which makes me sad.)  I'd forgotten that the Lutheran church has a "Formal" (8:45am) and a "Contemporary" (11:15am) service.  St. George's says "Matins - Sunday 9:00 am; Divine Liturgy - Sunday 10:00 am," which I don't entirely understand.

Oh, was I supposed to post about Thanksgiving?

"Lord, we thank you for your bounty, and are grateful that no indigenous populations were slaughtered in our acquiring it. We pray that, healthily nourished by your food, we may serve you in one another. Amen." -Book in "Revolution" by sionnain and srichard

My mommy bought Chardonnay because we always have White Zinfandel at family gatherings and I'm not a fan.  Yay for thoughtful parentals.  And I still prefer Riesling, but the Chardonnay wasn't bad.


My brother and I are clearly related.  Just as I couldn't tell Colin Firth and Liam Neeson apart in Love Actually, so he thought Jason Lee (on a magazine cover) was Ryan Reynolds (from the new Amityville).

club_joss is doing eurydice72's "Flight Patterns" and there is much discussion.  *hearts madly on discussion*  [Currently it's only 3 4 people, but it's 16 comments, so that's still yay.]

Edit: Yay for the author getting involved in the discussion, and for new LJ friends, and for people finding stuff they like on my recslist -- and extra yay for when they themselves rec said fics, resulting in increased readership of good fic plus happy feedback for the author (who is sometimes one of my very good friends, adding to my personal joy quotient).
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