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Discussions of Whedon-verse will always take precedence over sleep.

Buffy has 2 males (yes, i'm still counting Giles) and various boyfriends.
Angel has 2 females and, in a sense, various girlfriends (Kate, Darla).
If we add Spike to Buffy, we can add Justine to Angel for balance.

We both wish Kate had been developed more (damn Law & Order). She had a lot of serious potential.

Princess80: but Justine may be fantastic
Princess80: OOH
Princess80: what if she were in line to be a slayer but never got there?
Princess80: hence being part of the reason she was chosen by holtz
Princess80: speaking of overthinking...
VelmasLizard: *insert a grinning face with exclamation points for eyes bowing to your greatness*
Princess80: because certain girls are chosen...but there has to be a backup for said chosen ones. she could have been an alternate.
Princess80: therefore having strength & natural ability but never training
Princess80: and interesting having Holtz and Justine's relationship being more romantic than the average watcher/slayer. (but I'm still a big B/G shipper. shup).
VelmasLizard: ooh, interesting parallel there
Princess80: which is why I laughed and laughed at this exchange:
Buffy: You know that when I was kissing you, I was thinking about Giles, right?
Spike: You know, I always wondered about you two.
VelmasLizard: LOL
Princess80: for the look on his face, mostly

[future librarian/copyeditor feels need to mention that the aforequoted exchange is from "Smashed"--ep. 6.9]
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