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Without a Trace 4.01 "Showdown"

The episode opened with Previously On about Vivian’s surgery and some case I didn’t recognize, so I just figured they were doing one of those long-term repercussion things and was surprised that Elena wasn’t in the credits since they had just added her to the credits last week. It wasn’t until well into the episode that I remembered that when I first started watching this season Martin was limping and this was probably the episode in which that injury occurred.


You have 2 Missing Persons Unit FBI agents transporting a terrorist type guy? In a car that doesn’t appear to even be armored? I require some serious suspension of disbelief.

Danny’s look of horror as Martin appeared to be dying? I am totally sold on that as a moment of serious Danny/Martin subtext.

And then Danny bent over Martin’s body and how they had to pull him away and his hands were all bloody? Again I am sold on subtextual Danny-in-love-with-Martin.

Also: I was totally in tears for the first like 10 minutes of that episode.

No one recognized Valhalla as a Norse myth reference? In 3.03 (“Light Years”) Sam knew the Pleiades, so I was totally expecting her to get Valhalla; I mean, I know Greek way better than Norse so I do validate, but still. So I was totally thinking he was implying that Dornvald was already/as good as dead.

When Jack tells Danny they’re looking for a hooker, they don’t show Danny’s face, which I thought was a good choice, since they were so working the gay love all episode.

“Why do I feel like there’s a ‘but’ coming?”
Jack was smart in that sequence. He often makes me all wtf-y, but he’s intelligent and quick and doesn’t get bogged down in the inexcusable but unchangeable choice they made re: transporting the guy, and “You extradite her and the only trial she’s gonna get is being tied to a post and shot” and Mr. Fitzgerald says “We’ll take that under consideration” or something and I really wanted Jack to say, “She’s somebody’s child, too, you know.”

“Try not to shoot people.”
I can totally understand Danny feeling guilty and overwrought, but damn, you saw the guy holding the nurse like a shield and you shoot through the closed door? We see Danny so quick to fire all episode that I do buy it, though.

“No needles.”
“It’s an anesthetic. Believe me, you’re gonna want it.”
“For all I know that’s a sedative. Do the procedure without it.”
Dornvald is a smart smart man.

“That explains why you hired the New York Giants defensive line.”

Having felt that the Danny=>Martin subtext was so heavy this episode, it felt a touch gratuitous to have the reaffirmation of heterosexual love, but this was tempered by the earlier scene in which Danny comes back after him Jack kicks him out of the field and he’s talking to Sam and she finally says “I just need a minute” or whatever and I was totally like, “They’re both freaking out ‘cause the man they love may be dying” and it so felt like those scenes were the wife and the mistress are both at the hospital or whatever.

After the episode was over I Interneted to find out when exactly this episode fell, and it was interesting to see the different episode blurbs.

Thursday, December 1, 10PM ET/PT
Jack, Samantha and Danny search for the mercenary who escaped after killing the terrorist in Martin’s and Danny's custody and leaving the bullet-riddled Martin at death's door. (Encore)

Very human stories of pain and loss coupled with the lead characters' personal dramas (Jack's divorce; Vivian's heart problems) brought this excellent drama ratings success last season and during the summer's repeats. The series shows no signs of letting up, kicking off its fourth year with a highly charged episode that picks up right where the third left off. The mercenary Dornvald (Charles Mesure) and his men opened fire on the car in which Martin and Danny are escorting a prisoner to jail. Dornvald shot Martin--which left him near death--before he fled.
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