Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Winter Wonderland

Walking to the train this morning, the snow hadn't accumulated enough to even cover all the grass etc., but of course it had obscured all the places where people never cleaned up the ice on the sidwalks (without the snow you can see it 'cause it's all bumpy). It's the soft fresh fluffy snow, so you've got no traction. *smites people who don't fully clean their sidewalks*

I felt even warmer walking to HBS than I had walking to the train -- which is funny 'cause weather.com says it's 25 feels like 16 whereas Norwood is 27 feels like 27. *shrugs* Both places I felt like I could have made do with a lighter coat over my sweater than the one I was wearing.

I slipped and fell hustling across one of the slushy side streets on the way to HBS, so yeah I'm definitely leaving 5-10 minutes early tonight 'cause I have to hustle to make my train and whether it turns to rain or a rainy mix or whatever, hustling in this is not a good plan. (I'm uninjured, in case you were wondering, and my pants didn't tear -- which is what I was concerned about -- and they're black so I just wiped the slush off and all was fine.)

I wonder how many schools will let out early today. weather.com is predicting 3-5 inches by this evening for Boston and 4-5 for my 'burb -- but more importantly, the rainy mix is gonna make driving conditions dreadful. [weather.com's hour-by-hour says rain/snow for noon-3pm and then back to snow until 5pm when it's predicted to stop. edit: 5pm is the last hour that says "snow" so really it's not necessarily gonna stop until 6. my bad.]
Tags: weather: snow: 2005-2006

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