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CSI 6.10 "Still Life"

Her husband was killed in Afghanistan 4 years ago. Always interesting to see fictional tv shows touch on real-life occurrences. (And the killed in the line of duty sign showed up frequently in the background of the CSI building, which I haven't noticed before so far this season, so I imagine it was an addition specifically for this episode.)

Warrick: "They always look so vulnerable."
Grissom: "They are."
Clearly this is not The Inside.

Freshly shaved 'stache! Thank you, George Eads.

Catherine: "let her get some sleep"
Brass: "She's not gonna sleep."
Wouldn't Catherine know that? I mean, she's a parent, too. (And wow, Catherine's daughter is 13? Though I think the last episode I saw her in she was hitching rides and could easily have been ~11.)

Sara: "On the one hand, you really wanna find a body -- give it respect, provide closure. But on the other hand...."

Hodges: "So you want me to drop everything" (paraphrase)
Nick: "Y're coming 'round, Hodges."

Gil's father died when he was 9 years old... "No one would tell me why." No wonder you became a forensics agent, Gil -- that need to know how/why somebody died..

We totally jump to "she poisoned her son" without even considering "she got sloppy and left medication within a toddler's reach"?

Both my father and I thought the child actor looked very familiar, but it doesn't seem that he's been in anything else. (He reminds me a touch of Haley Joel Osment, but I know that's not it.)
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