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Without a Trace 4.10 "When Darkness Falls"

knows who the president is, knows who Madonna is, knows what 9/11 -- gotta love the amnesia questions

Buffy: I don't have time for bondage fun. Ask me a question, ask me anything."
Giles: "Who's President?"
Buffy: "We're checking for Buffy, not a concussion."
-"Who Are You?" (4.16)

"Somebody out there *has* to be missing her."

Danny concerned about Martin (with the pills). See, this is how you sell me, people.

Let the man die with dignity, Jack! (And seriously, you do not wanna be around someone who's deteriorating like that.)

You can run a Metro Card's history?

(asking Viv for a kidney doctor) You can't tell Viv about your dad? Jack!

In the ad, Sam yelling at the woman made me wanna not watch the episode. In the episode it works, though.

Bees + couldn't breathe, my brain immediately goes to anaphylactic shock. But where's the body?

"Maybe she prefers Riker's to City View."

Wow, Martin. Addicted like whoa. I would swear there were more than 2 pills left that bottle and that you just swallowed *all* of whatever was left, and how many hours in between had that been anyway?

(telling the aides to leave when his father resists being taken to the hospital) Way to go follow-through, Jack.

Coupons? Oh, it was a costume. Great in audition, not so much in rehearsal... play about the death of a brother -- of course! The bees are a flashback to her own brother's death.

When he was 16, Jack's mom killed herself. I really like this explanation -- that he feels guilty for not having done anything to help her (omg, I only just now realized the parallel to the A Plot) and so he wants to prevent his father's death.

Jack: "I'm not ready."
Nurse: "I know. But I think he is."

"I made her think she killed somebody."
Yeah, but she was totally embracing the murderer identity. (My mom pointed out that she probably has guilt re: her brother's death.)

Leave of absence? You were gonna go to Chicago to help rebuild your family, but then you stayed here and took your job back from Viv. You've used up so many favors and second chances you should probably be fired/demoted already and you think you can take -- an indefinte time period! -- leave of absence? Though of course my immediate concern is the fact that you will inevitably back out of this decision early on. Which is yet another reason I'm glad the father died at the end of the episode. (Woulda been fun to see Viv lay some smack down on him, though *evil smile*)

"I love you." (vs. earlier "Because you're my dad.")
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