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And how was *your* commute?

I was uncomfortably cold walking to the train this morning, even though it was just as cold as it was yesterday. My cheeks were cold and I considered, for not the first time this season, the merits of investing in a scarf. Given the past 2 days, I expected some sort of Red Line delay thanks to Downtown Crossing. Instead, I waited 40 minutes for my commuter rail. [My mom, the experienced commuter, called frozen switch early on.] I actually put my gloves on after a while, and oh my toes started hurting so bad. I always say I would much rather freeze to death than be burnt to death (eventually you just fall asleep and never wake up, plus it's on the whole far less painful than burning) but my toes were making me seriously reconsider any sort of fond feeling toward freezing to death.

I considered calling trijinx but frozenness is not conducive to taking out and dialing a cell phone. [I did call after I was on the train and thawed. I considered calling my temp agency to tell them I'd be late, but I knew I'd only be about a half an hour late, and I recalled that last time I called in, whomever they sent didn't know where I worked or who I was. I would have called Amanda who sits behind me, but I don't know her number -- since obviously I never call her.] Other people called SmarTravaler (or something) however, so we learnd that the 7:05 was disabled and the 7:30 (my train) was running a half an hour late. [And it's not like we were special. The Providence, Plymouth/Kingston, and others were also running delayed.] There were people waiting since 6:55? Ouch. Someone pointed out that there's supposed to be an 8:00 train as well, so what's up with that?

Anyway, at 8:05 a train showed up -- all single cars. The 7:30 is usually all double-deckers save 2 single cars and it's crowded as is. Somehow everyone in my car actually got a seat, though. (Next stop, of course, lots of people were standing.) Sidenote: I can understand wanting to preserve the space between you and the guy next to you on a 3-seater for as long as possible, but don't you know the trains are running delayed so there are more than one train's worth of people on this train and perhaps you could move in before someone asks you to?

According to the conductor, we were on the 738 from Walpole. [Which apparently is what I would call the 8:00.] Oh, and my train is usually an express, but of course this one had to make all the stops. Made me glad I usually get into work ~20 minutes early, 'cause it gives me a cushion for train delays.

As I walked through South Station, I heard over the PA: "Due to cold weather conditions, both inbound and outbound service are experiencing delays."

Checking the MBTA website when I got in to work ("Transit Updates - Last Updated : 12/14/2005 - 9:38:26 AM")

Franklin Line:
# Inbound Franklin trains #706 (6:35a) & #708 (7:00) have been combined due to an earlier disabled train. As a result, the #706 is running 90 minutes late and the #708 is at least 40 minutes behind schedule.

Understatement much?
Framingham/Worcester Line:

# Inbound Worcester train #516 (8:16a) is running with 15 minute delays.

Franklin Line:

# Inbound Franklin trains #706 (6:35a) & #708 (7:00) have been combined due to an earlier disabled train. As a result, the #706 is running 90 minutes late and the #708 is at least 40 minutes behind schedule.

Needham Line:

# Inbound Needham train #606 is disabled at Ruggles station. At this time inbound train #608 is pushing #606 to South Station. As a result, #606 will be 30 minutes behind schedule and #608 will be 15 minutes behind schedule.

Plymouth/Kingston Line:

# All service on this line is experiencing up to a 30 minute delay.

These delays and cancellations are due to freezing weather conditions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

All other Commuter Rail service is on or near schedule.

"Last Updated : 12/14/2005 - 10:48:54 AM" we're down to
Providence/Attleboro Line:

# Inbound train #812 (9:43a) is running 15 - 20 minutes behind schedule due to traffic in Mansfield.

All other Commuter Rail service is on or near schedule.
Though of course, do we really believe that?

Anyway, the day has been fine otherwise, though I'm not optimstic about grabbing my prof in between meetings to get reimbursement info.

Last night I read goovie's touching all the places that are yours, which is the best fic I have read in some time.

And hernewshoes posted the full text of the "dried leaves boiled in water ... dying for a cup of tea" section from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series).
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