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Without a Trace 4.02 "Safe"

When we see Martin come back to work in that first elevator scene, Danny looks at him with so much pain.  These moments are the kind of thing that totally sell me on there actually being subtext.

[Sidenote for the detail-oriented: They work on the 12th floor.]

When the sister was talking about Charlie and Ryan, I was reminded of Freak the Mighty -- though of course this was different, and we soon learn just how different.  *sad*

"It's good to see you back" -Jack to Martin
Oh Jack's sometimes tenderness.  It totally felt 'shippy -- 'cause I am corrupt.

"Is it safe to go back inside?"
Jack: "There's no bomb.  Otherwise you're on your own."

Danny looking through the slatted window at Martin when he's talking to... whomever that was... again with the pained look.

What, you're the only person allowed to try to talk people down, Jack?  [Though yes, much as you're a rough bastard with all civilians, you do have that "I am the head of this team and I love them deeply" thing going on.]  And what is this "he has to live with the knowledge that he pushed that button?"  I totally understand the grief that that kid is getting arrested, but I totally understand Ryan's choice.  And can I just say that I was impressed they didn't have the talking down succeed?

The Left makes me twitchy, but I've gotta say that this episode did a really good job of showing how torture is a really problematic method of obtaining information (and honestly, discerning whether a person is lying or not during any circumstances is difficult -- makes forensic science look so very appealling...physical evidence rather than people).  And of course the secondary issue about safety and taking precautions and not doing anything until it's too late.

"At least now he'll get the attention he needs."
And we cut to Jack doing the "How are you?" "Fine" routine with Martin that's been going on all episode.  Oh the irony.  I mean, it helps that I've seen later season episodes already, but of course he's not fine, and it's a little troubling that everyone seems so willing to accept that pat statement -- though of course there is that issue of wanting to treat someone not like they're fragile or anything.

Again, it was interesting to see how various places blurbed the ep.

An extremely intelligent but socially awkward high-school student vanishes. Meanwhile, Martin returns to work in pain and using a cane, and Vivian complains that Jack is treating her too cautiously after her recovery.

The team investigates whether a 15-year-old whiz kid is missing of his own accord in order to execute his elaborate plan to bomb his high school.
Rating: TV14-LV

The team searches for a missing teenager who was obsessed with the safety of his school after losing a parent and watching the towers on 9/11 fall. Martin and Vivian both return from medical leave. Jack seems to be feeling protective of his staff and loses his temper when Danny puts himself in the way of unnecessary harm.
Tags: tv: without a trace, tv: without a trace (s4)

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