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I've been watching the Charles ice over all week.

[Advent day 19] Matthew 1:22-23
22All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: 23"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"[Isaiah 7:14]—which means, "God with us."
This morning I waited for 15 minutes (past the listed arrival time) for my train.  I was about to call SmarTraveler when it showed up.  "We apologize for the substantial delay.  We had a train break down out of Forge Park, so we had to rescue it and bring it to the Franklin facility."  Yes, the conductor did say "rescue."  [I'd forgotten what an express train the 7:30 is. One more stop after mine and then the next is Ruggles.] Amanda got delayed a bit with a disabled train at Kendall (Red Line) but only a little.

Amanda on Jessica & Bianca: "Incompetence doubled."

My meeting with them was less useless than I had potentially feared.

IT has new hold music.  I like it less than the old music.

In the afternoon mail came generic holiday cards from the Dean&family.  Lovely photograph of snowy HBS on the front, though.

My mom came to Emmanuel Lutheran prayer service with me tonight.  The musician was pinch hitting because the pastor had had a stroke on Tuesday.  (I thought it was very thoughtful of him to mention what was up to those of us who do not actually attend EL.  No physical paralysis, though he has a loss of peripheral vision in his left eye.  And he's very fatigued.)  I was a bit saddened by his choice to recite rather than sing/chant "Let my prayer rise up, like incense before you..."  I kept hearing it sung in my head, though.  And he did chant the prayer, which I was glad of, because the "Lord have mercy" overlap is probably my favorite part of the service.  The Scripture reading was Luke 1:26-38, and the reflection message was on Hope.  (After the Greek Orthodox conversation about Mary a figure to emulate and practically perfect in every way, I was so excited to hear verse 29 -- "Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.")

My brother rocks the academic house (his phrase).  His humanities class this semester was Growing Up In America, and one end-of-semester extra credit option was to write up feedback about the course, so he wrote up a long critique and sent it to the prof.  She wrote back and they dialogued (her word ♥) and he sounds downright intelligent, like I could have written the stuff.  "This would allow you to really get at the critical thinking which, like I said, interested me the most."

Tonight's CSI was an episode I've already seen (6.03 "Bite Me") but Without a Trace was a rerun immediately following the last rerun I saw (4.01 "Showdown").  Thoughtful of them to allow me to catch up :)

The Brothers Grimm comes out on DVD December 20.

P.S. Dear LJ: Why are you holding random comments hostage, releasing them days later for no apparent reason?

Googling to make sure I was remembering correctly that Artemis/Diana was the goddess of childbirth while finishing up my MFA writeup, I found this:
With the exception of her brother Apollo, who was a frequent ally and companion, Artemis was not known to have had very satisfying relationships with men.  Her one great love affair, with the handsome and respected mortal Orion, ended very badly.

Upset that his sister's time and attentions had been diverted away from him, the jealous Apollo tricked Artemis into killing Orion.    Knowing that Orion was swimming in the ocean, Apollo bet Artemis that she could not hit "that distant object on the horizon" with an arrow.

Filled with confidence in her skills as an archer, Artemis accepted the challenge.  Successful as always, Artemis discovered that her competitiveness and unerring aim had killed the only man she had ever loved.

In her abject grief, the goddess Artemis turned her dead lover into stars and shot him into the night sky where he remains as the constellation Orion.  Never again did she allow herself to become vulnerable to romantic love.
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