Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Saturday night

I found Nicole's apartment without incident.  She's just about exactly 10 minutes from the T station.  And has a seriously nice apartment.
Me: "Wow.  My first apartment will totally not be this nice."
Her: "Well, it isn't my first apartment; it's my fourth.  Also, it helps if your mother is an interior designer, FYI."

Sacha and Layna came.  They gave me gourmet hot chocolate and homemade apple peel jelly, respectively.  It made me feel bad about the fact that I don't get anyone anything for the holidays.  (Layna on her gift: "It's not a thing.  It's like a card plus.")

I had 2 glasses of red wine and so much food.  People liked the pasta I made, but I was so full by the time main courses were being served that I didn't even have any.  (It occurred to me later that I could make pasta and bring it in to work in microwavable tubbies for lunch.)

There were so many people, in assorted clumps since Nicole invited people she knew from all different places and most people brought people of their own.  So there were a number of people I already knew, which was dangerous for my doing the whole "meet new people" thing, though spending time with people I already know and like is good, too.  I chatted not as much as I would have like with Brandon from Oxford (Hertfod College -- the one with the bridge; and originally from Indiana -- akronohten, much?) so I wasn't completely insular.

I was there for about ~2½ hours, though it felt like far less.  The thing I look forward to most about eventually having an apartment in the city is not having to cut out of parties etc. early.

Oh, and Layna is going to the Boston Wine Expo, so I have company for that after all.  *cheers*

On the Red Line home a couple women got on and definitely looked like they weren't sure what they were doing, so I got to be helpful.  Where are you going?  South Station?  Yes, this goes to South Station.  And where are you going now, the Peter Pan bus station?  Up these stairs with me... you recognize where you are now?  Good.

Once upstairs, a woman asked if I had a dollar so she could get on the train 'cause she had lost her wallet.  She apologized like umpteen times.  It's possible she was lying, but a dollar's not gonna break me, and I would hate to be stranded.

As I walked up Track 5 to my train, there was this guy a few tracks over yelling about how nobody cares about people, and I didn't catch most of the details, but dude, the yelling doesn't incline me to give you any money.
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