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Without a Trace 3.18 "Transitions"

I feel like we've seen this church before, like it's the generic Jerry Bruckheimer set or something.

She has a wonderful voice that seemed at odds with her mousy appearance... oh, 'cause she's trans that adds a whole new dimension on that voice-as-gift thing, huh?

The emotional breakdown during the hymn? I heard "father" and totally called death of her father. Of course, actually looking up the words, the full line is, "Thou my great Father, I Thy true son," which of course explains why it was so awful.

In the church for a year... he didn't know her very well... she was very involved... The prayer group seems a great place to start, since she's obviously deeply troubled by something. (Though yes, as it turns out it wouldn't have related to the main thrust of her plot.)

That black guy with Viv in the doctor's office, calling her "honey"? As my mom said, "I've never seen her have a life."

Viv: "You did research?"
Sam: "I was worried."
And Martin came to Sam. (notes the detail-oriented girl)

Martin: "She okay?"
Sam: "I don't know. What've we got?"
Um, okay. You don't tell Martin she doesn't wanna talk about it. You somehow seem to take her statements at face value, despite having a history of concern for battered women etc. so shouldn't you be particularly sensitive to people being evasive about health concerns?

"Nope, 'fraid I don't." (the doctor on whether he had contact info for S's family) That was a really fast almost-evasive answer and I was surprised nothing came of that.

Jack asking for sleeping pills... we are just a team of stubborn fucked-up people, aren't we? Addictions and other personal problems that we don't wanna talk about with anyone and which we insist we can fix ourselves and of course it eventually spirals and yeah.

S' Brother: "I hit a wall."
Jack: "Maura said you were gone for an hour. What'd you do, go ten rounds with it?"

"Please sit down." Jack, we've established the woman is probably being abused by her husband, and you a strong male figure pat the couch next to you and ask her to sit down?
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