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CSI rerun: "Iced" (5.23)

[transcript from twiztv.com]

(Police cars are parked in the front.  Camera pulls back to the dorm front where Brass shows Grissom, Greg and Sara into the building.) 

BRASS:  Freshman dorm, coed.  Two DB's on the third floor -- Trip Wilmont and Paula Levine.  Both 18.


(Brass, Grissom, Sara and Greg continue through the corridor to Trip Wilmont's room.) 

GREG:  Hey, Grissom, when you went to college did you live in the dorms?

GRISSOM:  Surely, you jest.

(Sara laughs.) 

SARA:  You know, they say a B.A. is worth a million dollars in extra income over a lifetime.

GRISSOM:  Yeah, but the present value of college tuition is about the same amount.

GREG:  So you're saying college isn't worth the expense?

GRISSOM:  I guess it depends on what you learn.

BRASS:  So this is Trip's dorm room.  When he missed a big b-ball game this afternoon, his coach called his R.A.  His R.A. got the kid next door to jimmy the lock.


(The officer standing at the door opens the dorm room.) 

BRASS:  (o.s.)  Paramedics pronounced and took off.  The coroner's en route.

(Brass stops just outside the dorm room to let Grissom, Sara and Greg inside.)

(On the floor next to the bed are the two bodies.  Sara looks around the room. She notes the stereo system, beer bottles and candles.) 

SARA:  Music, alcohol, candles.  Kid was a regular Romeo.

GRISSOM:  "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

(Greg appears between Grissom and Sara holding the open condom wrapper.) 

GREG:  Condom wrapper.

(He looks at them and shows it to them.) 

GRISSOM:  So much for safe sex.

That's the kind of scene that makes me fall in love with this show.

The RA didn't have keys, though?  I mean, I know ResLife doesn't always carry the keys on their person, but if the coach called her, wouldn't she have brought her keys?

Repeatedly this episode we see Robbins with his cane attached to his arm.  As someone who hasn't seen every episode since the beginning, I'm now very aware of when we see evidence of Robbins' disability, and I enjoyed the fact that we saw it frequently and with no comment in this episode; it's just part of who he is and not something that needs a Very Special Episode.

    GRISSOM:  I love it when you wear your gloves.

I'd heard about this line before, and I so did a double-take when I saw it onscreen.  Okay, we're joshing Ecklie 'cause he's never out in the field anymore.  This I totally get.  But pseudo-flirting?
DET. VARTANN:  It's a class D felony to steal a corpse with the intent to sell or mutilate.  I'm not really sure how to classify "partying with the dead."

CHARLIE JACKSON:  Look, I know how it looks, but if you knew Jamie ... it's what he would've wanted.  And we did return him.

DET. VARTANN:  You're still under arrest.  Obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit theft.  You're looking at one to four years, Charlie.

(Charlie stands up and nods.) 

CHARLIE JACKSON:  He would have done it for me.

(Ecklie and Vartann look at each other.)
I've mentioned before that it weirds me out that it's a crime to do stuff to a corpse (though I suppose it's an indication that we're not all Gnostic heretics ;) ) but I can see obstruction of justice at least in this case, and since it was in the morgue it does feel like theft (though, interesting point, if the laws against mutilation etc. of corpses is defended by arguments of honoring the human who once was that body or whatever, isn't it somewhat in tension with the idea of thinking of the corpse as property [since it's "theft" rather than "kidnapping"]?).  It still makes me sad that the guy's gonna go to jail, though.

Next Sunday (8-10pm) UPN is airing the S5 finale ("Grave Danger," Quentin Tarantino) for any who haven't yet seen it.

[Speaking of Quentin Tarantino, Hostel looks like Saw gone wrong.  *hides*]
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