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Close to Home 1.03 "Suburban Prostitution"

I remember seeing an ad for this episode back when it first aired and wanting to see it, though I forget now why I didn't. trijinx later told me it wasn't all that great, but it looked better than the second hour of Smackdown tonight, so I watched it.

"A $6,000 sting for a $200 fine?"
"This has 'timesuck' written all over it."

I loved Annabeth for emphasizing that it's a victimless crime and they have more important things to be spending resources on. The neighbor's threat to tell the media was an impetus for her going along with it that I could totally buy. And of course that made it all the more tragic when it ended up on the news after all.

And then this is mirrored with the Weed & Seed issue. Steve's argument that money for drug cases frees up money for murder etc. cases really is compelling.

It's interesting to see them struggling with wanting to do the right thing and being constrained by so many factors.

I cannot for a moment believe that ubersavvy Terri hired an underage girl for a prostitute.

Thanks to tv.com for explaining Annabeth's "Your neighbors don't want to be living next door to the Chicken Ranch." (The Chicken Ranch is the famed whorehouse in the movie "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.")
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