Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Cold Case 2.07 "It's Raining Men"

Oh, Cold Case and its soundtracks. I actually didn’t realize the pun in the title until the final flashback of the body in the rain (possibly in part because I don’t like the song and was tuning it out at the beginning). My favorite musical choice in the ep was “Time After Time” ‘cause it’s a song I already knew and really liked.

“It’d be a nice gift.”
“This ain’t Pottery Barn.”

I was surprised and a touch impressed that they bothered reopening the case at all. (Though one suspension of disbelief item is the fact that they seem to only ever be working on one case at a time. Makes me appreciate CSI with its multiple cases each episode.)

"If God was punishing people for their sins, he had a badly researched list."

I liked the little matter-of-fact inclusions like the black guy's niece being dead of AIDS from drug use.

I’m torn as to how much I believe that the brother confessed. On the one hand, he has even more to lose now than he did back then. On the other hand, 22 years of guilt weigh heavy. I’m also not sure how much I buy the violence to his brother in the first place. 'Course that's in part because my reaction is so much to withdraw, so it's hard to get into that headspace (plus, abject terror of getting caught).

I liked the puppy scene at the end -- it felt more full of happy and hope than the wedding scene, maybe because weddings are just so traditional, maybe because the puppy scene took us out of the circle of the cast of characters of the episode.
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