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"Here by my side, you are, destruction. Here by my side, a new color to paint the world."

I miss Emma.  It sort of hit at one point yesterday afternoon that she's out of the country, and, ow.  (Though yes, I know, we mostly communicate via e-mail anyway.)

The advantage of being on AIM is that you can declare to the world that you are up at insane hours and available to talk.  Of course, the reason I've been staying off AIM is 'cause I'm reading or writing or otherwise unavailable.  But when you're up at 3am fighting with a story sometimes you wish for distraction even though you don't actually want distraction.

Anyway, zomg I have 1197 words.  It's not finished, but I've actually made the minimum, and I know what I have left to write -- it's just less interesting than the other stuff.  And I do have until Friday.  I just have far less time once I go back to work, so tonight was my deadline for getting the bulk of it written. [At last check-in, my word count was <200.]

Working my way through the fic I've Memoried, I found the "River speaks in the third person and calls Mal 'Captain Daddy'" fic Lorraine(?) had mentioned a while back.  The idea behind said fic is actually quite good, but yeah, ouch.  (And where does that even come from?  Other than "She understands; she does not comprehend" in OiS, do we ever see third-person!River in canon?)

Ages back, someone recommended the TNG novel Imzadi, and in typing up bits of it so I could return it, I was struck by the following:

"She's a gentle rainstorm and you're lightning in a bottle.  I doubt either of you would have the patience with the other to get anything going."

It's said of Deanna Troi and Will Riker, but it made me think of Inara and Mal.

And that's all I've got for now.

Oh, how this is college. Mucking up my sleep schedule [that would be this past week], then staying up all night with a writing project but spending most of my time distracting myself, vaguely watching the sunrise and then taking a nice long hot shower [which is one of the major loves of my life]. Now where is my lightly toasted plain bagel with peanut butter and a mug of readymade hot chocolate? :)
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