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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

CSI: Miami 4.03 "Prey"

"What are you doing?"
"With your tongue?"

Oh, look, it's the Aruba case.

[Sidenote: six degrees of separation]

"A drug dealer?  Now I'm just insulted."
This whole vacation package thing confuses me.  Is it just a MA law that you have to be 24 or whatever to rent a car?  'Cause tourist man is all "We put together the package.  She's 18."

Liquid Neon also confuses me.  Did all the Georgia kids have fake IDs?  'Cause if you were a high-powered customer rep you wouldn't pimp your booze to someone you knew to be under 21.  A boozing party like that, I imagine no one who can't prove they're 21 is even allowed in.

"You lied to us."  "We totally broke the Behavior Contract.  I knew I couldn't call you until my buzz wore off."
Your friend is missing, and thus possibly dead/abused, and you're worried about getting in trouble of the "no Bahamas for you next year" type?  (The scary thing is that I can actually kinda get that headspace.)

What was up with the "she put herself in a dangerous situation" conversation?  No one was disputing the fact that she has the right to say no at any time.  He was just saying that she let herself get out of control -- so that she might not say no when she should have I believe was implied (though it should have been made explicit) -- and was basically being stupid.  This is true.  No, she didn't deserve to die (certainly not from some sociopath with a grudge against "tourist girls") but it's not like you get a free pass from all the evils of the world just because you happen to be a hormonal teenager.

The swings at the playground and then when they find the body... H was freaking out.  I imagine this is connected to this NYC case, but as a very sporadic watcher of this show I have no idea what this background plot is.
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