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Meep; it got late.

Snow day yesterday, though we barely got any snow.  (My dad says 30 miles west of us got 8 inches, and Mary Alice says she got 10 inches.)  So my mom and I went to work and my dad got the day off.

Classes don't start until after MLK Day (which also means the Grille [i.e., the cheaper on-campus food option] is closed until 2pm next Tuesday) so it's been quiet at work so far this week.  (Yeah, all 2 days of it, I know.)

They did lighting work over the break, and when we came in Monday morning, whoa, light.  The area of the hall I work in is usually kinda dim, but now it's really bright.  Takes some getting used to, but it's good.  (Though as Mary Alice pointed out, a dimmer [noun] option would be nice.)

The doors on the conference rooms at either end of the hallway got replaced, too.  Or rather the windows which take up most of the doors.  They were opaque and now they're clear.  We do not approve.

Walking to work yesterday I saw blue-green stuff on the lawn -- like the steroids they put on to make grass grow.  Um, it's January; I'm confused.  [It did make me think of Gillian's explanation that the Smith squirrels are crazy 'cause they spend so much time absorbing those steroids.  Another reason you deserve my fond regard :) ]

Coming in to work today I saw an orange construction sign saying, "Tree Work Ahead."

I've gotten a bunch of compliments on my haircut.  Eric complimented me yesterday, and this afternoon value neutral he said, "You look so much different with that haircut.  Like, everytime I look at you I'm like, 'Where'd Elizabeth go?'"

He thought I was lame for printing the calendar off the computer rather than buying it.  I informed him there wasn't an official one out, that this was just a fanmade one.  And so of course I had to show him all the pages.  Got to Wash.
Me: "He's the--"
Eric: "He's the hunk?  Is he the hunk?  'Cause there's always a hunk."
(Wash is June.  Mal isn't until August.  Eric is unconvinced of teh prettiness of some of the men and women -- though he agrees that Gina Torres is a goddess -- though he indulged me for a bit of online wandering, as I attempted to find some better pictures.)

He still hasn't bought Firefly (yes, I have offered to loan him my DVDs) though he has bought Wonderfalls and is loving it.

Today's Millionaire was a very enjoyable half an hour.  Alan of Alexandria, VA, though from Minnesota originally. So crazy. And very calm; when he got a question right that he had been unsure on his body language was all "Okay, good," with just a silent smile and some relaxing of his posture, not the loud exclamations and gestures that are typical. Both are acceptable, but he was a pleasant change.
The $100 question was 1968, Otis Redding, "Sitting on the..."
Me: wtf?  I've never heard of that song.  How is that a $100 question?  Even the D option sounds plausible.
Amanda: Of course you've heard that song.  Everybody's heard that song.
Me: Uh, okay. Maybe I have heard the song then. But that doesn't help me with getting the answer.
[ I told my dad this and he kinda sang it for me and I conceded that it was possibly vaguely familiar and then he played me a clip via amazon.com, and he was telling me about Otis Redding and he Googled to confirm the info about his death and so we learned that at otisredding.com you can listen to the full song, plus "Respect."  He also played a 30 second clip of Michael Bolton's cover and commented that the contrast is interesting -- Redding was purposely spinning it balladlike in an attempt to cross over, whereas Bolton is all "oh I am so soulful." ]
Anyway.  There was a before-my-time question I totally knew: Which president's tenure was nicknamed Camelot?  I knew JFK before they even began listing answers.
Okay, Alan kinda loses 'cause he asked the audience for what food has a high risk of causing salmonella (and then did the "that's what I was leaning toward" which always makes us wanna kill the contestants).  But... shepherd, wool allergy, fear of water... he even rendered Meredith speechless at one point, which like never happens.
He walked away with $50thou, which is more than most people get, and he filled up the full half hour which was a completely new occurrence of the times I've been watching.
Eels migrate.  Who knew?

Firefly Motivation poster :)
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