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THE Inara/Kaylee fic post.

Inara/Kaylee is practically canon in "The Train Job" and "Serenity" (the episode), so I am surprised and saddened that there is so little fic for it. I mean, the 'ship doesn't even have its own LJ comm.

I read everything I could find a few months ago and was dissatisfied with both the quality and quantity. I'd seen a bunch more fics recently, which I bookmarked to read, and at some point I had the bright idea to catalog all of said fic.

Dec. 31, 2005, I trawled through Firefly's Glow (Populli), ff_shiprecs, fireflygirls, femslash_santa, serenity_santa, fireflyslash, ruttingtownhall, femslash100, slashthedrabble, and the ship_manifesto. I've been checking back on the comms as I've worked on this entry, but if there's any Inara/Kaylee fic I've missed, recent or old, please let me know. And yes, I do intend to keep this list updated. I figure now that I've made a list I just have to watch femslash_today to stay updated.

In alphabetical order by title. Fics containing spoilers for the Serenity movie are so noted.

[Edit: Firefly's Glow gives length in 60k, 4k, etc., and I have no idea what that translates into, so I plugged all the un-wordcounted fics into a wordcounter. Said wordcounts are indicated as ~x words in square brackets.]

I frequently read stories I've seen recced somewhere and been underwhelmed, so I tried to be even-handed in my blurbing. (Though the effort -- and slogging through lots of mediocre fic generally -- tempted me to do a snarktastic version.)

Complete Inara/Kaylee Fic List

     Count: 70 stories + 1 defunct RPG
     Last updated: January 23, 2006

1000 Dreams #1 Edo - Like Rainflowers by benjata | [~385 words] PG13
The author says: I started writing this as a series and I posted a couple chapters a while back to a different LJ with River & Jayne as the focus. Working on it afterwards the focus shifted more towards Kaylee & Inara. I wanted to keep the chapters brief and hallucinatory - hence 1000 Dreams

Aerodynamics by faithinthepoor | 100 words
Pairing - Kaylee/River (with implied Kaylee/Inara)
Kaylee's always a mechanic.

[movie spoilers] Air by Ana (ana_grrl) | [~3380 words] R
Kaylee/Inara (with some mention of Kaylee/Simon)
Spoilers for the movie and the series.
Authorial Summary: Inara's changed
A thoughtful look at how things might progress after the events of the movie.

All Grown Up by victoria p. (musesfool) | [~236 words] PG
A brief look at how Kaylee perceives the differences between men and women.

Asking Too Much by liquideyes | [~1066 words] 6k, R
Pairings: Simon/Kaylee, Kaylee/Inara, Kaylee/Jayne
After "Objects in Space," Kaylee seeks. Fragmented style.

Bed and Breakfast by Bastet (sweetvalleyslut) | [~1227 words] NC-17
A look at why being with Kaylee appeals to Inara.

[movie spoilers] Bow by Ana (ana_grrl) | 458 words, NC-17
Kaylee watches Inara practicing archery.

A Casual Conversation by Koren M | [~344 words] PG
Pairing(s): Inara/Kaylee, and slight Kaylee/Simon
Kaylee enlists Inara's help in seducing Simon.

Centripetal Motion by Rachel | [~1479 words] 8k, PG-13
Authorial Summary: Mechanics may follow masterable rules, but the world spins beyond Kaylee's control.

A Companion's Secret by Miss Scarlet (zuleikhajami) | [~2781 words]
Inara helps Kaylee prepare for a date with Simon, and it goes in a number of unexpected directions. Includes an interesting take on what Inara's syringe kit is for.

Cracked Mirror by Executrix (executrix) | [~12276 words]
A Blake's 7 crossover fic which the author informs me contains"a very brief mention of K/I."

[movie spoilers] Curvature by Ana (ana_grrl) | 1035 words, PG
Kaylee/Inara (Kaylee/Simon)
Authorial Summary: Everything has sharp lines, jagged edges.

Delicious by Cady (cadence_k) | 200 words
Pairing: Kaylee/strawberry, Kaylee/Inara implied.
Authorial Summary: Kaylee finds the strawberries in the Shepard's box
And the sequel:

Even Better | 200 words
Pairing: Kaylee/strawberry/Inara
Authorial Summary: Kaylee brings the strawberry to Inara

Enough Light by glossing [send feedback to: glossings at gmail dot com.] | NC-17
Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Buffy/Kaylee, Buffy/Inara/Kaylee.
Spoilers: BtVS 5x22, "The Gift", and entire series run of Firefly.
Authorial Summary: Reavers and Slayers, mechanics and lovers.
In progress:
Part One: "But here was Kaylee, with the smiles and the knowing stuff, and enough light to break her free." [~14453 words]
Part Two: Death comes shaped like pretty girls. [~6980 words]

An Exchange for Silk by llaras (llaras) | [~2049 words] NC-17
A lot of porn, with Kaylee topping Inara (not in a BDSM way, though).

Expedient by Ana (ana_grrl) | [~2597 words] 16k, NC-17
Pairing: Kaylee/Jayne (some Kaylee/Inara thoughts)
Authorial Summary: Jayne and Kaylee both liked watching Inara greet the councillor in 'War Stories'. Makes sense to work it out together.

Feather Stitch by Ana (ana_grrl) | [~2289 words] PG-13
Authorial Summary: Inara loves all the textures.
Pre-slash, Inara POV.

[movie spoilers] Fireworks of Ice by obscuranb (obscuranb) | [~488 words] R
Authorial Summary: Two linked ficlets in which River meditates on two of the relationships around her and then we find out what goes on in Inara’s shuttle.

Fits Just Right by Elizabeth Scripturient (hermionesviolin) | 988 words [lj link]
Inara encourages Kaylee to try on some of her clothes. Sex ensues. (I can be flip ‘cause this is my fic so I'm not offending anyone with this summarization.)

Five Things That Could Have Happened When We Kissed [#4] by jenish | [~827 words] PG-13
Pairing: Kaylee/Mal/Inara
Mal POV on Inara leaving. Established threesome.

found_serenity: Found Serenity - An AU Firefly Inara/Kaylee RPG
Official Statement: Post-Objects In Space, Inara tells Kaylee of her plans to leave Serenity indefinately. Kaylee, however, has other plans. She's determined for Inara to stay.
Hasn't been updated since October. The one entry in the comm has 6 comments. The Kaylee journal has 1 entry (not commented on). The Inara journal has 3 entries (none commented on).

Frozen by jenish | 186 words, PG
Pairing: Mal/Inara+Kaylee
Kaylee wants Mal and Inara to make up.

Glance of Sunrise by ShalNyx (shalnyx) | 539 words, PG
Lots of imagery. Inara POV.

Gnomic by Lysimache | [~666 words] 4k, G
Second person POV focusing on Kaylee. Inara comes to visit her in the engine room.

Helix by Tigerlady (shetiger) | [~5661 words] NC-17 [readable via installments here or here]
Inara/Kaylee with hints of River/Jayne and River/Simon.
Authorial Summary: Events spiral outward from an instance of River's insanity, touching each member of the crew and bringing Inara and Kaylee together.

Hold On by Lyrastar (watergal) | [~1935 words] 10k, R [lj link]
The shooting in "Serenity" (the episode), with flashbacks to pre-series (Inara first getting to know Kaylee as well as them having sex).

Human by Angie (the_girl_20) | 200 words, PG-13
the natural reaction is to seek out the most human thing you know

If wishes were horses by Angie (the_girl_20) | 100 words, R
Pairing: Kaylee/Simon (Kaylee/Inara UST)
Authorial Summary: Kaylee wishes

The Innocents by Kessa/YoSaffBrig (kessadebra) | 12,598 words, NC-17
Pairing: Primarily Inara/Kaylee, but there are also bits of Mal/Simon, Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, and Wash/Zoe.
Authorial Summary: Mal, Inara, Kaylee and Simon embark on unexpected adventure on a privately owned terra-formed moon.
Warning for BDSM.

The Journey by Moonloon (maryavatar) | [~890 words] 4k, NC-17
Kaylee POV on a very sensual experience with Inara.

Just Because by shalnyx | 554 words, Rating: R, even if it's mild R
Content: Inara/Kaylee, and implications of S/K, Mal/Saffron.
Mal thinks about the marks on Kaylee.

Kaylee's Room by jenish | 143 words, R
Pairing: Kaylee/Mal/Inara
Inara POV on Kaylee's room. Established threesome.

The Lesson by Tigerlady (shetiger) | [~51 words]
A brief Inara/Kaylee story told in haiku.

Like Describing the Alphabet by Mosca (mosca) [~41708 words] NC-17
Pairings: Malcolm/Jayne, Kaylee/Inara, Zoe/Wash
Authorial Summary: In which Mal unbuilds some walls; Jayne learns to kiss on the mouth; and nobody gets left behind.
The fic is primarily Mal/Jayne, but there is also Kaylee/Inara.

Like Water for Life by Lyrastar (watergal) | [~643 words] Rating: barely R
Inara thinks about how much she misses the sea.

Mangoes on Boros by dirty diana (dirty_diana) | [600 words] 4k, PG
6 moments.

Manners by viciouswishes (viciouswishes) | 302 words, PG
Authorial Summary: Kaylee deals with the aftermath [of "War Stories"] by hiding away in the engine room.

Mechanic's Waltz by Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees) | [~984 words] PG-13
Authorial Summary: Teaching Kaylee Fry to dance.

Of Mistletoe And Other Magic by Ari (wisdomeagle) | 3622 words, PG-13
Fandoms: Firefly x Stargate: Atlantis
Featured Pairings: Wash/Zoe, Kaylee/Inara, Zelenka --> Kaylee UST, Weir/Sheppard/McKay
Other Pairings Mentioned: Mal/Inara UST
Spoilers/Timeline: Set after "Trinity" and "Ojects in Space"
Authorial Summary: The mistletoe Kaylee and Zelenka spread 'round Atlantis has a few tricks up its sleeve.
It's an SGA story, but it contains Kaylee/Inara, hence its inclusion.

[movie spoilers] never accept diamonds by Kathryne (tellitslant) | [~1439 words] PG
Inara leaving, and coming back.

The Other Woman by Helens (helens) 200 words
Inara on Kaylee's relationship with Serenity.

Patchwork by Alice (dumbmonkeygirl) 175 words, PG-13
Inara is at the center of the Serenity crew, in Kaylee's eyes.

Petty Point by Executrix (executrix) | [~818 words]
Some of the women stay behind while Mal and the others try to do a job.

Places by faithinthepoor | 100 words
Pairings – River/Kaylee, Kaylee/Inara and Kaylee/Simon (UST)
Rating – PG13 to Rish
When River's with Kaylee, she can't help feeling Kaylee's past.

The Price of Lethe by skripka (skripka) | [~396 words] R
only the bone of my side is alive where it presses directly against you

The Real Me by ReaverPoet | [~3401 words] 16k, NC-17
Authorial Summary: Kaylee asks Inara to help her gain self-knowledge through erotic pain.

Requited by Angie (the_girl_20) | 100 words, PG-13
Everyone wants Inara, but Kaylee's the one Inara wants.

[movie spoilers] Secrets | 1276 words, PG-13
Being with Simon doesn't work out so well for Kaylee after all.

Silk by Ana (ana_grrl) | [~728 words] NC-17
Written for the multifandom porn battle. ‘Nuff said.

Simple Tastes by Elizabeth Scripturient (hermionesviolin) | 1542 words [lj link]
(Written before the movie.) Post-series, Kaylee finds Inara in an unexpected place.

Smudges by Alice (dumbmonkeygirl) | 210 words, PG-13
Inara POV on the smudges left on her body after time with Kaylee.

[movie spoilers] Souvenirs by mosca | ~1500 words, PG [personal lj link]
After the movie, things are dark but not without hope.

Stain Your Hands by Anya (smut_queen) | [~487 words] Rating: 18+
Angsty porn. Kaylee POV.

Stupidity Tries by Mosca (mosca) | [~1831 words] 9k, R
Pairings: Malcolm/Kaylee/Inara
Mal discovers Kaylee and Inara have been going at it.

Switch by Lady Lakira (ladylakira) | 100 words, G
Inara, thinking about Kaylee.

[movie spoilers] Synchronicity by Heather (queenzulu) [companion teaser ficlets here]
Rating: Quite a light R.
Length: Just over 3000.
Pairings: Kaylee/Simon, River/Inara, Inara/Kaylee
Authorial Summary: Synchronicity: The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding event distant in time that can only be verified afterward.

Takes All Sorts by Celievamp | [~1086 words] 6k, PG
Authorial Summary: I think about her a lot. We're so different you see. She's perfect. Beautiful. Desirable. I'm just me.
Kaylee POV.

Taste Of Memories by E (starbrow) | [~606 words] NC-17
Authorial Summary: Kaylee remembers an evening with Inara.
Straight-up porn.

Three wardrobes that never happened (Variations on a theme) by Executrix (executrix) | [~860 words] PG-13 for language
Cross-Dressing Challenge
Really only the second one is Kaylee/Inara. It's much fun, though.

Three Weeks by Angie (the_girl_20) | 200 words, PG-13
AU post-"Objects in Space." She lasted three weeks.

Trial and Error by Pearl-O (pearl_o) | [~1102 words] PG
Authorial Summary: Kaylee loves everybody.
Kaylee tries out -- or thinks about trying out -- everyone on board, but she ends up with Inara.

Untitled by Angie (the_girl_20) | 600 words, R
A/N: 6 Drabbles for the 6 Deadly Sin Challenges that have been posted at femslash100 - Lust is next week :). All are Kaylee/Inara in some form or another. POV changes a lot. Feedback is very welcome as this is the first time I've written in this fandom. None of the drabbles are related to the others so all can be read completely independently.

Untitled by Cady (cadence_k) | 100 words, PG-13?
During "War Stories," Kaylee watching Inara greet her (female!) client and thinking.

Unititled by Lady Lakira (ladylakira) | [~2751 words] Rating: R, but just barely
Crossover with Willa's pierced!verse BtVS AU
And its sequel:
Flavours | 500 words
Rating: I think R, but I suck at ratings.
Authorial Summary: Inara thinks about that chance meeting with Kaylee at Spike's parlor.

Untitled by skripka | PG-13 for angst
Challenge Response #1: Inara's Shuttle
Inara POV. Dissatisfied with her career and falling for Kaylee.

Untitled by Jessica Melusine (firebirdgrrl)| [~844 words]
From The Pillow Book of Inara Serra (which I haven't read, as it's a Work in Progress) though it works as a stand-alone vignette. Inara POV.

White Rose, Silver Needle by Polly Burns | [~10246 words] 60k, R
Pairings: Mal/Simon, Mal/Jayne, Wash/Simon, Kaylee/River, Kaylee/Inara, Inara/Zoe
There's something going around. Mostly about the boys.

Worth by Angie (the_girl_20) | 250 words, PG-13
Inara comforts Kaylee after "Shindig."

You Fill Me by writingpathways | [~1195 words] 4k, PG
Inara relaxes with Kaylee after an appointment with a client.
Tags: fanfic: firefly: inara/kaylee masterlist

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