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CSI 6.11 "Werewolves"

Gee, that was a subtle title. What, no puns?

As soon as we heard her quiet "Go away," I was in heart with Allison. I liked the subtle touch of her coming out holding her doll. The scene with Cath looking at her dollhouse really drove home how stunted her development was.

I wasn't entirely sure sending pretty ladies to talk to Allison was the best idea, though admittedly she might have felt more threatened by men.

From tv.com:
In the scene where the body of Hayden is about to be autopsied, three lab techs come to look at his body. Hodges says "It's not every day you get Chaka on a slab." Hodges later comments on he's going to get cranky if David comes in to see a sleestak in his lab. "Chaka" and "Sleestak" are allusions to characters in the popular Sid & Marty Kroft televison series "Land of the Lost."
Oh, Land of the Lost.

Seeing assorted lab guys getting into the freakshow aspect of the WolfMan was disturbing.

The song I liked was "Precious" by Depeche Mode.

Nice save at the end with the whole Internet thing. But we established early on that Allison has no paper trail, so how could she continue to use her brother's money?

I liked that we got a glimpse of her being smarter than she appeared with the whole "my mother's not dead" thing. And I liked that the mother came to see her not knowing that she didn't already know the truth.
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