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Without a Trace 4.11 "Blood Out"

See, that’s a good title, double-meaning and all.

Danny hugs Jack, sorry about your father, want to pay my respects, Jack pushes him away. Danny is such a woobie and Jack so sucks at interpersonal relationships.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (whose actress name I have finally begun getting right and now I forget her character’s name -- Ann) brings him flowers (beautiful).
“Random outbursts help.”
“In that case I’m doing great. I’ve had 10 meltdowns with the V.A. trying to arrange my father’s funeral.”

Jack moisturizes like whoa. And before the kiss? There was serious want written all over his face.

Elena says she doesn't want Orlando on the street; Danny says NYPD will be tailing him. I’m all, “She comes from Vice Squad, remember? Trust her instincts!”

At the bar, that whole "we're good" conversation, I was feeling like Ann does want Jack, but Jack, what are you thinking kissing her again after all that?

I like the way MEM plays her reaction -- surprised, confused, pleased, thoughtful... It’s ambiguous just how she feels about it, which is appropriate since they’re setting this up to be a long-term thing (which, hi, is such a bad idea as Ann is so recently widowed).

Would that wound really bleed out that fast? He’s shot in his right side, and your heart’s on your left, right?.

Danny's all "no one makes it alone" and I thought of Cath at the end of that night’s CSI.

He’s so caring. (And in contrast, wow, the minister is so rageful/grief-stricken that he sets Cole up to die. That is intense.) I realized near the end of the episode that I didn’t think we’d seen Martin all episode. And everyone feels so interchangeable. And it’s kind of annoying that it’s turning into the ensemble&Jack show.

Wow, Jack doesn't kiss Ann when they leave the cremation rack. I was surprised.

tv.com: "The team investigates when a young paramedic with gang ties disappears. Jack and Ann bond over their recent losses." Well that’s not exactly how I would phrase it....
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