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So, I finished my FemGen story and didn’t feel that it sucked. The recipient hasn’t feedbacked it yet (but she hasn’t posted her own fic for the ‘thon, so I figure she hasn’t read it yet) but I got 3 positive feedbacks. And zomg, one of them actually recced it on her journal. (Hey, Ari, she recced two of your fics.)

Also: I suck at coming up with requests when I’m signing up for ficathons, so for FemGen I put Dawn as my first request and River as my second, and my prompts were just words you could go a million ways with. Since they’re two of my favorite characters, I figured odds were in my favor that the fic I got wouldn’t suck... hopefully. Gee, can we tell that I’ve been burned in ficathons before? So I see alixtii is writing for me and he often writes good stuff and I hop over to his LJ and see it has River and Dawn and the Authorial Summary is “There are only so many stories,” and we all know what a sucker I am for stories.

Oh so much to read. (And I feel lame that I spent so much time in front of the tv screen tonight when I could have been reading lj entries of substance or whatever.)

Five Things Archive (for Five Things... stories in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the series 'verse)

Multifandom Feedback Challenge (signups end Jan. 13)
I think there was something like this a while back and I meant to go through the works of the authors who signed up ‘cause people who *want* feedback are exciting, but I don’t think I ever did. Anyway, I get whiny ‘cause no one comments on my stuff, so I signed up. Though now of course I am in one of my “Everything I have written is shite save a very few things” headspaces.

And I go back to work tomorrow -- a full 5-day week, a rarity -- and I've really gotta stop doing the late-to-bed thing. Three of us have to be up in ~5 hours, and we're all still up; though at least two of us are heading to bed shortly.

P.S. Postal rates went up.
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