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CSI 5.15 "King Baby"

I checked tvguide.com/listings earlier this week and it lied and told me there were new episodes [or possibly I clicked on next Thursday by accident], so I was confused by the dynamics in this episode not realizing it was from last season.

Transcripts from twiztv.com, as per usual.  [And hey, rerun means transcripts are in fact available for my usage.]

CONRAD ECKLIE:  High profile case -- woke up the supervisors.  All hands on deck, Cath.  Grissom's lead on this.  He's the senior supervisor.
CATHERINE:  If it's all hands on deck, what are you doing behind the tape?
CONRAD ECKLIE:  You know if I cross the tape, my name goes on the crime scene log that gets subpoenaed by the defense, and I have to testify.
CATHERINE:  And when was the last time you testified?
CONRAD ECKLIE:  That's not my primary job anymore.  I'm an administrator.  I run interference for you guys ... starting with the press.
My dad probably saw more S5 than I did, and after the episode he was saying how it sometimes felt like "What was the point of breaking up the shifts when everyone's in all the episodes anyway?"  In this episode at least they nod to that.
CATHERINE:  (to Sofia)  Stay out of this.  (Sofia leaves.)  (to Grissom)  So, is this an Ecklie mandate, or is this just your thoughtlessness?
GRISSOM:  Well, look, I apologize, but this is a group effort.
CATHERINE:  (scoffs)  Thanks. I feel much better.
Wow, Cath, way to be uber-bitch.  Realizing later that this was during the time at which the shifts were all split up I understood her bitterness better, but I don't know whether this took place at a particularly bad time or something since I'm not familiar with the S5 arcs much, but Catherine seemed way more out of sorts than circumstances merited.

Back to the opening crime scene:

"I smell crap."
Loved that bit.

Oh Cath, never leave your camera unattended -- even at a crime scene.  Press swarming, etc.

I'm curious as to what the writers were aiming at juxtaposing her bitching at everyone taking away her responsibility or not being helpful or whatever and her making a big mistake.  I thought of sigrun's bitterness at how Catherine's Sue-ish-ness (which I don't really see, but which I could see where she would see it -- how's that for a convoluted sentence?) and wondered what her reaction to this episode was.
GRISSOM:  There's a lot behind the curtain of this guy's life.
SOFIA CURTIS:  Cause of death?
ROBBINS:  Asphyxia.  Choked on his own blood.
SOFIA CURTIS:  So he survived the fall.
ROBBINS:  Well, it broke his neck, but he continued to breathe a while.
GRISSOM:  Might've lived if he hadn't been rolled.
So much dreadfulness there.  (In terms of the badness of what happened to the guy -- not bad writing. Just to clarify.)

     GRISSOM:  I'm glad you decided to stay, Sofia.
     SOFIA CURTIS:  So am I ... for now.

I really liked that moment.
GREG:  Numerous calls from Eiger's house to Sy Magli's office.
CONRAD ECKLIE:  Well, they were known business rivals.
GREG:  Between midnight and 4:00 a.m.-- What I like to call "love hours."
GRISSOM:  Wouldn't be the first time that hate mutated into passion.
GREG:  Public enemies, private lovers.  So Jackie Collins.
I was introduced to the idea of Grissom/Ecklie some weeks back via fanfic100 or something and though I don't particularly see it or have any interest in it, but it stuck in my head, so I was totally thinking of that during that exchange.  Also: Jackie Collins?  Oh, Greg.

Hey, it's kinda good Cath's memory card got stolen 'cause going back to the house meant finding a payload of evidence in the trash.  (I wonder if Vik would have felt like Cath's goof being not only not a huge deal but in fact a windfall would have been an unfortunate Sue-ing.  *misses Vik*)

"Think outside the rug."

Once they found the nursery I was like, "Aww, it's CSI does Adult Baby."  And Catherine's "Wow.  Just when you thought you'd seen it all." ?  I read about it two summers ago in a library book.  (G*damn, what was the title of that?) Edit: Remembered. Different Loving by William and Gloria Brame. /edit

(The promo for last week's episode was all "At the crime scene, they find something they've never seen before."  I really think that would have been a more fitting promo for tonight's episode.)
CATHERINE:  I think that Bruce just wanted the same thing as every other guy.
GRISSOM:  Nurturing?
CATHERINE:  Easy access.
Possibly a rimshot, but I still loved it.
GRISSOM:  What, you never had a transitional object when you were a kid?  A stuffed animal or a blanket?
NICK:  No. I mean, I had a wooby, but who didn't?
(Catherine's eyes widen.) 
WARRICK:  Oh, is that that blue thing that's in your locker?
NICK:  (chuckles)  Don't even.
The first I heard of calling a binkie (which I call a pacifier) a woobie was in this recent post from sexonastick.  What up?

[And tell me there's fic -- doesn't need to be sexual at all -- about "that blue thing that's in [Nick's] locker." I don't even need to read it, but it needs to exist.]
NEWSCASTER:  (from TV)  We want to warn you these are graphic images of a bloody crime scene.  In them, Mr. Eiger can been seen lying in a pool of his own blood in the driveway ...
CATHERINE:  Those are mine.
CONRAD ECKLIE:  (quietly)  I'll have our public information officer contact his counterpart at the station.  We'll also call Judge Anderson and get a warrant for the memory card, any copies, and the name of their source.
(Ecklie heads for the door, passing Greg and Catherine along the way.) 
NEWSCASTER:  (from TV)  ... Top Las Vegas gaming mogul left him with more than his share of adversaries.
CATHERINE:  Thank you, Conrad.
CONRAD ECKLIE:  It's my job.
I've commented fondly a couple times on the times when we see Ecklie being a good guy*, and I loved that he was so matter-of-fact about getting the stuff back.  Looking at the transcript I noticed the "quietly" notation, and while I hadn't read the scene that way I liked that even in the transcript they underscore the understated nature of the way he delivered those lines.  (And Catherine calls him by his first name.)

*This is one of the things I miss about watching a series in order -- getting to see the character development actually in the order it happens.
(Grissom and Nick walk into the adult baby store.  They walk over to the counter.) 
MADGE:  Howdy.
GRISSOM:  Well, howdy.  I was wondering, do you carry adult diapers?
MADGE:  Oh, we sure do.  (She looks at Grissom.)  What are you, about a 34, 36?
(Nick smiles.) 
GRISSOM:  Well, they're not for me.
MADGE:  Oh.  (She looks at Nick.)  Well, aren't you lucky to have such a nice daddy?
(Nick's smile fades fast.  Grissom turns and looks at Nick, a huge smirk on his face.  Nick glances at Grissom.  He looks at Madge and smiles.)
So. Much. Love. for Grissom :)

[Quibble: Saying who they're investigating?  In a public space no less?  That's gotta be some sort of serious breach.]
MADGE:  Are you with Vice?  Because nothing here is illegal.  It's simply nurturing.  Mommy and adult baby playit's not erotic.
GRISSOM:  Well, Freud had a somewhat different theory, but ...
MADGE:  Well, I could take you to my playpen.
(Grissom glances behind him.) 
GRISSOM:  You know, I don't think the department would let me expense it.
(She smiles.) 
MADGE:  Okay, then, I'll just cut to the short version.  Some guys can never love any woman but their mother.  And some never had a mother who loved them.
(Camera holds on Grissom.)

     CATHERINE:  I wonder what was going through her mind when she stood there and watched him die?
     GRISSOM:  I wonder what was going through his?

So perfect.

     SARA:  Maybe we're looking for a cash cow.
     SOFIA CURTIS:  With liquid assets.

Oh, the punning.  Which bordered on the overdone in this episode, but I liked that exchange 'cause it actually took a moment for me to get it.

     TANYA ROLLINS:  [...] He explained to me, you know, about infantilism.  Said that it was in the Bible.

I loved that they used the technical term.  I'm curious as to what the Bible allusion is supposed to be.
CATHERINE:  Which part?  The part where I got in your face or the part where I, uh, lost evidence, or uh, maybe you just miss me.
GRISSOM:  I did miss you.  I missed your passion and your tenacity.  I even missed your tush.

So we're up to what, three canon-inspired pairings for fanfic possibility in a single episode?  [And when I first started watching CSI I totally saw Cath/Grissom and thought that's where the show was going.]
BRASS:  You know, what I can't get my mind wrapped around is, uh, you got a guy who's tough enough to get to the top of the heap in Vegas, all this power, and he ends up crawling around a playpen.
GRISSOM:  That's the point, isn't it?  It's only the truly powerful that have the luxury to relinquish power.
CATHERINE:  But diapers?
GRISSOM:  Why not?  Where would you go if you had the connections and the cash to go anywhere you wanted?
BRASS:  I hear Fiji's nice.
GRISSOM:  Eiger went further.  He went all the way back to his childhood.
BRASS:  Yeah.  I think I'd take Fiji.
(Camera slowly pulls away from the three at the dinner table.)
That first line of Brass'?  I was like, "But isn't that the traditional psychology behind dom-sub?  That people who are constantly being in charge all day wanna be not-in-charge?"
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