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Multifandom Feedback Challenge

For which I was assigned rosiew. (Masterlist here.)

The only fic in a fandom I know was flocked, so I did a bunch of icon sets.


I loved #7 -- the paralleling of River and Buffy. It’s rather stunning how similar their posture is in those two moments.

Is the facing figure in #8 (and 9) from Alias? I was having difficulty placing the scene and that was extra confusing. (I don’t watch Alias.) I actually at first thought the text said “college” and wondered if it was a UC Sunnydale scene but then realized it said “collide.” I like the idea of Buffy’s separateness, but I feel like I’m missing something in the icons, like they’re trying to say something and I’m just not hearing it.


The effect on #3 is really interesting, the “what?” along with the bold stripes of color, and Willow only taking up part of the icon with part of it being just white space (with raggedy edge to boot). This icon does a great job of conveying its mood with a multiplicity of effects.

I was really intrigued by #11, with Dawn peeking out from behind so much white, looking extra tiny and vulnerable. I couldn’t read the small text, though, but it felt like I was supposed to be able to, that it wasn’t just a tiny text brush, so that was frustrating.

#14: Putting “smile” on bright color stripes was a nice choice. Given the text and the cheeriness of Kaylee in that icon, I wonder why you made the coloring so dark. I mean, I know it is in the original scene is dark but I wonder why you made the choice to keep the dark coloring rather than making it lighter/brighter. I don’t quite dislike it, but it is a bit unexpected.

#15: “Warrior woman” is always good text for Zoe. I was confused by your usage of the plural, though. I also wasn’t a huge fan of her having her eyes cropped off.

#16: I have no idea what this is of.

#17: Not a great icon of Inara.

#18: I liked the “free” text with this image of Zoe, and the black-and-white was really nice. I probably could have done without the yellow-and-red inset.

#21: His name is “Mal,” not “Mel.” I think the text below says “Big Damn Hero,” and I’m helped muchly by the fact that that is such a catchphrase in the fandom. It’s really too squished and blurry. The splitting of Mal’s face also bugged me.

#23: “The good soldier,” and you have it like Zoe’s looking at herself in a mirror, so it’s almost like she’s trying to convince herself. This is really interesting.

#24: “Can’t touch this” is a cute text for it’s a little weird because despite the stern expression on her face, her hands are up in a gesture of surrender.


#1: I know what this scene is because I’ve watched the series so much, but it feels too blurry.
2 - manly and impulsive

#4: This is really powerful, that combination if image and text.

#5: After some effort, I deciphered the text on this one -- “whimsical.” I know that adjective sometimes gets used sarcastically of River, but the tone of the scene (especially with the dark coloring) is so menacing that it seems unfitting. Plus of course the problem with it being so difficult to read.

#6: The inset one this one is powerful. My eye was drawn to it, so I saw it before I saw the bigger picture, and the chair so far away feeling, very good job on this one.

#7: Oh, I love this one. The slicing you do so much of and which I often don’t like works so well here since the point is chaos, and I really like the three horizontal layers.


#1: What is the cut off text on this supposed to be saying?

I liked the text on 2&4 but didn’t like the cluttering up of the icons with the red/yellow stripes

#5: I liked the text on this one but disliked that there’s so little of Zoe actually in the icon.

#6: I really liked this icon -- the text and the effects work very well together

#7: I’m not a huge fan of initial letters on icons, and I couldn’t figure out what was next to the M -- whether it was an l or if it was supposed to be an offset faded M.

#9: I dislike the doubling on this.


#2: I like this one. Showing just his eyes evokes the idea of narrowed eyes that we associate with anger/determination, and the red adds to that.

#14: I like this one a lot because it’s one of my favorite quotes. More generally, I’m impressed by your ability to add borders and smudges to these images to make them look like photographs that have been smudged by blood or dust. I really like how on #16 the “dirt” almost full encroaches on the border -- since the “photograph” is an image in which we see all of them crushed by loss.


#4: The way you’ve put together this icon echoes the sexiness of the scene itself. Good work.

#5: I can’t tell what the inset is (and thus would rather do without it) but I love the text on the icon as well as the combination of image and text.

#7-14 are all very effective. I particularly like the blood drops on the white strip on #10.


I’m not a big fan of the yellow on #2 or the green effect on #4, but most of the insets work very well (though it’s hard to tell what the insets are of in #6 and #11) and I particularly like “photo montage” effect at the bottom of #9.

I really like the effects used on #7. The marbling is very attractive, and the doubling of the figure as well as the very fact that there’s nothing else in the frame really emphasize the falling/jumping/flying aspect of the moment. And I actually kinda like the tiny text for once, ‘cause it’s almost like it grounds the image or something, keeps it from just floating in space.

The text on #14 is difficult to read because it’s blurry.


Definitely winding down now, but I wanted to comment that #10 here is another example of my liking your splicing technique.

And #8 should be bes, or maybe be’s, but not bees (it’s punning on the phrase “blessed be” rather than calling them insects).


#16: I have no idea what this icon’s source text is, but I really like it.

#20: Whoever the actress is really does look regal in this. It’s a great picture and I like the understated nature of the text.

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