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CSI 6.12 "Daddy's Little Girl"

The ads for this ep were all "You thought it [the events of the S5 finale, "Grave Danger"] was over, but . . ." but it took until like halfway through the episode for Kelly Gordon to even show up.  *rolls eyes at promo department*  And it's not even sweeps yet.

Roth IRA is named after the Senator who was behind it, my dad says.

Grissom: "In my experience, threesomes usually end up one too many."

Grissom: "Maybe he wasn't invited."
And in that opening scene they were totally giving off a lesbian vibe.  Oh CSI and your edginess, making them mother and daughter.  I'm sure one could fic a bizarre Freudian thing wherein the mother is actually attracted to her daughter and that's why she keeps sending the boyfriends away.

Warrick: "Who brings a gun to a knife fight."
Grissom: "The winner?"

Warrick: "So you don't have any results for me?"
Hodges: "But I will.  That's the beauty of me."

Grissom: "It's like thermite."
Oh, Grissom, so poetic when you're talking about science.

Sara: "Guess some people just shouldn't be together."
And she has a significant look.  And then we cut to Grissom with a similar significant look.  And the framing is such that the viewer gets the feeling they're looking at each other.

P.S.  Mitch Pileggi (Skinner on X-Files) played the dad?
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