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Without a Trace 4.12 "Patient X"

Danny: "Every night's a big night."
Oh, Danny.  You manage to sell the good boy (going to church, etc.) and the playa attitude equally well.

Martin shaking . . . definitely rocking the whole withdrawal/addiction thing.

What's up with Viv's boobs?  I'm not used to her wearing clothing that so emphasizes them.  I mean, she certainly looks good, but sex appeal has never been her character's purpose.

Elena: "They don't have to know."
Viv: "And keep it legal."
Elena: "You know it's more fun the other way."

Okay, Elena, you're kinda funny, but I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of that was, like what kind of character development we're supposed to get out of that, and given how many times "good guy" characters (usu. supervisors) bend the law on procedural shows, this doesn't exactly make me comfortable.

Tweaker saying "I prefer them older" and giving Viv a lewd look?  Way to squick me.

Tweaker says: those who act all high and mighty have something to hide.
And Martin freaks out that this professional woman doesn't have sufficient self-control.  Hello, projection, nice to meet you.

Martin, wait for the cavalry!  Did you not hear about "Safe" (episode 4.02)?  Jack was ready to kill Danny for putting himself in harm's way like that.  And here?  The woman was totally rocking the "keep the scary man calm."

Whoa, Martin, way to spiral, stealing from a doctor's personal medical cabinet.

Oh, and "Don't tell your fiancee about your past" is good advice?  I mean, I can see the argument about how she might be trying to sabotage her relationship with her fiancee, but isn't it obvious that it would be better for him to find out from her than from somebody from her past trying to mess her up?  ‘Cause you know the latter is an inevitable possibility.
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