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Meg, of all people, requested the YA booklist.  (I would have thought it would be Ari or someone.)

YA softcover
  • Hey, Dollface (Deborah Hautzig, 1978)
  • The Only Alien on the Planet (Kristen D. Randle, 1995)
  • Letters from the Inside (John Marsden, 1991)
  • The Pistachio Prescription (Paula Danziger, 1978)
  • After the Rain (Norma Fox Mazer, 1987)
  • Missing Pieces (Norma Fox Mazer, 1995)
  • Wise Child (Monica Furlong, 1987)
  • Invincible Louisa (Cornelia Meigs, 1933) Louisa May Alcott biography
  • See You Later (Christopher Pike, 1990)
  • The Eternal Enemy (Christopher Pike, 1993)
YA hardcover (ex-library)
  • Saturday, the Twelfth of October (Norma Fox Mazer, 1975)
  • Remembering The Good Times (Richard Peck, 1985)
adult softcover
  • Daughter of God (Lewis Perdue, 2000)


  • Il Postino (The Postman) (1995)
  • The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love (1995)

I'm getting rid of all of these, so if you wanna claim any, just leave a comment.
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