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I am being pushed further into mainlining CSI from the beginning soon by Cat doing so and being all "Join me in the Grissom/Sara angsty love!"  Reading her LJ comment, I was reminded of when I watched this season's opening episode and conversed with Paige and others.

femslash06 signups are open.  I am tempted, even though I so shouldn't be, since caving for FemGen ended up kicking my ass -- a total sign that my "no ficathons" rule was a good one.  And I still have plenty of fics already started that I'm hacking away at and don't exactly have a surplus of free time.

I thought I had another item (other than how I fail at the "Signs you're reading my fic" meme).

Edit: I remembered. LJ implemented ?format=light so now you can link LJ posts which have S2 styles you don't like without messing up link-clickers who force their S2 style on their comment pages.
Tags: fanfic: comms, lj: features

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