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Crossing Jordan 5.12 "Code of Ethics"

I got sucked into watching tonight's episode of Crossing Jordan -- a show I watch more sporadically than I did CSI.  They're all so dysfunctional (and so pretty, with pretty accents to boot).  Also: Boston!

Garret: "That was an assault on my sensibilities."

Jordan is such a failure at life I nearly wanna cry.  Like, I can't handle House 'cause it's too cynical for me.  (My intro was the sledgehammer people lie episode -- er, more specifically "Fidelity" 1.07.)  Crossing Jordan I think the killer would be Jordan.

Arrest him and he has no access to his source, plus no way his source is gonna talk.  Stupidheads.

23 years?  He was what, 8, when he was kidnapped?  He's not the Hearts' son in any way that matters, not anymore.

Pollack to Cavannaugh: "You have to have ethics to understand them."

Woody to Cavannaugh: "You're a complicated girl.  Not everybody gets you."

"The war was supposed to be over now -- before the vests started to degrade."
That was the most poignant bit.  You could believe he was trying to do good and . . . and of course yet another dig at George W. (which of course I expect from an American tv show, and which didn't bug me overmuch in this episode).  Also the secretary saying the time got halved so they could barely do the tests, got the order out two days before the war started.

Pollack to Cavannaugh: "Not the first time I've had my heart broken."
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