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CSI 6.13 "Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye"

Wouldn't they fingerprint the combination lock before asking the asst. to open it?

David: "When I was a waiter back in college, 3 twenties in my pocket was a good night."
Sara: "At Chuck E. Cheese, that was a good week."

Cath to Sam: "It must be serious; it's the first time you haven't asked me how mom is."

Sara: "Hodges, doncha know grey hair can be very sexy?"
Grissom looks at her with  . . . surprise?  I was a bit put off by this 'cause it's canon that they have history, of romantic tension if nothing else.
Also: Is this gonna become an every episode thing?  Like, "Look, Grissom and Sara have a thing.  We have now fulfilled our requisite shout-out quota for the episode."

Doc Robbins' corpse photo album :)

Oh Greg and your hat :)

Lois' inscription on his book: "The best is yet to come."  Thoughts?

Jan.23-29 TVGuide has a picture of Marg in blue and gold looking shiny and happy (though I do feel like her facial expression is forced, like this shot is from late in a shoot or something) and the text underneath says:
     Arresting Episode!
     Catherine's dark &
     daedly family reunion

Um, cognitive dissonance much?

The article itself also has some strange stuff.

Things get even weirder when this showdown with her dangerous dad leads Catherine to realize "she really is her father's daughter."

Um, I didn't see that at all.

Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn promises that the murder investigation will take Catherine "much close to home than she'd ever suspect" and that "there will be a big revelation about her parents."

The previous paragraph has Helgenbergerger saying "Then my mother drops by to visit me at the lab and wants information.  I find out she and my father have been seeing each other behind my back."  So what other revelation is there in that episode?
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