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Without a Trace 4.13 "Rage"

The ad for this ep was all "Don't judge until you've seen how it ends," so we know the molestation angle is a red herring.  Though I would have guessed anyway 'cause it was too easy.

Claire totally read as dykey to me in that opening gym scene.

gym guy: "I live alone."
Jack: "There's a shock."
gym guy: "There was another guy."
Jack: "There's another surprise."

Viv: "My son had a crush on his 8th grade teacher.  She was wearing a blouse I wouldn't wear as lingerie." (pron. lahnjeree)

I called that the guy at the school was her dad.

My mom sais the "I don't argue with angry drunks" line said to her that Claire had experience with angry drunks.  When her friend was talking about how she was so good with the kids and cared so much and all, I totally called that she had a bad childhood.  I also called the abuse as soon as I saw the bruise on  Ray's chest (even before her bf mentioned scratches on the kid).

Dad: "Ray . . . he's not that driven."
Danny: "He's 14!"

Viv: "Don't tell me you don't know!" (wow, Viv screaming. TVGuide article says it's the first time she's ever lost her temper on the show)

Ray's mom to Claire: "Please don't hit me."
She is so begging, and I was actually moved.
I really liked Claire seeing her dad in her reflection, and that made me dislike even more the fact that she was no closer to forgiving her father.

Viv to Ray's mom, re: Ray: "I'm afraid he'd prefer not to see you."

Suicide?  My first thought was that Claire had killed her father but no, it was a suicide.  I had some difficulty buying the character motivation for that, though thinking back on it, Claire has made it clear that she won't forgive him and in fact blames him for her problems, and she's the only thing he has left and it sounds like he kept hope alive for 15 years while he was in prison and now he has nothing.

song: people running - flash of lightning - nothing really matters in the end
Google gets me Patty Griffin's "Not Alone" (from Living With Ghosts)

From lyrics.pattynet.net:
Not Alone

She sees him laying in the bed alone tonight
Only thing touching him is a crack of light
Pieces of her hair are wrapped around and 'round his fingers
And he reaches for her side for any sign of her that lingers
And she says

You are not alone
Laying in the light
Put out the fire in your head
And lay with me tonight

One of them bullets went straight for the jugular vein
There were people running, a flash of light, then everything changed
Nothing really matters in the end you know
All the worries sever
Don't be afraid for me my friend
One day we all fall down forever

You are not alone
Laying in the light
Put out the fire in your head
And lay with me tonight

The wedding date was June just like any other bride
She loved him like no one before and it was good to be alive
Sometimes that can slip away as fast as any fingers through your hands
So you let time forgive the past and go and make some other plans

You are not alone
Laying in the light
Put out the fire in your head
And lay with me tonight
You are not alone
Laying in the light
Put out the fire in your head
And lay with me tonight
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