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CSI rerun: "And Then There Were None" (2.09)

Yup, I'd seen this one, too, and again I didn't remember how the plots resolved though as before I was able to call some bits as stuff progressed.

[Transcript source.]

A potato is a poor man's silencer, huh?  Note to self.

BRASS:  (clears throat)  I've interviewed 17 people.  No two accounts are alike.
(He puts his notebook away.)
GRISSOM:  A Harvard Professor conducted an experiment.  Asked a bunch of students to watch a basketball game -- count the number of times the ball was passed. 
BRASS:  Yeah, groundbreaking.
GRISSOM:  During the game a person dressed in a gorilla suit ran across the court.  Afterwards, the professor asked his students if they noticed the gorilla.  Fifty percent responded, "What gorilla?"
BRASS:  That's wonderful, Gil.  If I see a gorilla, I'll arrest it.
WARRICK:  Ski masks are played out.
CATHERINE:  Fluorescent powders?
SARA:  Eh, why not?  They're in the kit.
CATHERINE:  Protocol's black.
SARA:  Since when do you care about my choice of powders?
(CATHERINE takes off her gloves.  She's irritated.)
CATHERINE:  Assistant coroners is four hours late and we are stuck out here until he transports the body.  And I haven't heard from Grissom ...
SARA:  (picks up a power container and looks at it)  You know, I've never tried green ...
CATHERINE:  I should've never been sent to this remote scene in the first place.  I've got seniority. I deserve -- no, I've earned the right to pick my cases.
(Without a word, SARA walks over to the front of the counter and hands CATHERINE a candy bar.  CATHERINE opens it.)
CATHERINE:  (reasons)  If I start eating, I will shut up.
I love Sara playing with the bright colored powders, taking it all in stride, being such a geek.  And I was impressed by MH's acting with the segue from frustration to breaking down to sounding near tearful.  And dude, never mind shutting up; my first thought with the candy bar was "low blood sugar."
SARA:  Do you have a mirror?
CATHERINE:  Since when do you care about your appearance?
The transcript goofs this line, 'cause after Sara's jaw drops Catherine's line is something like "At a crime scene, I mean."

SARA:  Hey, David.  I wasn't touching him.
DAVID PHILLIPS:  (smiling)  I know you better than that.

SARA:  You got to be kidding me.  "Officer Moron" contaminated the scene.
CATHERINE:  Yep. Well, I'll just beef him to his captain.
TECHNICIAN:  Tough. I like that.
Is the technician Sofia?  She reminded me a lot of her, though Sofia's a detective so I don't think that could work (though CSI wouldn't be the first show to reuse an actor/actress in different roles in the same show -- but IMDb confirms that Louise Lombard wasn't in that ep).
GRISSOM:  If you're going to badger me about your crime scene location, put it in a memo.
CATHERINE:  You don't read memos.
It's not in the transcript, but Grissom does this little head shrug.

I love that when Greg calls for Grissom he pulls Catherine along with him rather than just ditching her.

     GRISSOM:  Bullets confirm the story told by the potato.
LOVE that line.

I called dead body in the trunk, though I forgot it was Tammy -- was expecting it to be Darin Hanson (clearly I had forgotten about a lot of the complications, though I called Duncan's involvement from the beginning and was suspicious of the state trooper as well, plus recalling the two crimes were connected though I couldn't remember how).  Damn she's pretty.  Such rich dark red hair.  Oh!  She played Virginia in mid-series Angel.
ROBBINS:  Parents called.  They're on their way in to I.D.
CATHERINE:  How did they sound?
ROBBINS:  Oddly, relieved.
CATHERINE:  They finally know where she is.
(CATHERINE sighs.)

GREG:  (impressed)  What don't you know?
Willow: Is there anything you don't know everything about?
Giles: Synchronized swimming. A complete mystery to me.
-"Lessons" (7.01)

WARRICK:  What, you missed him?  All right.  I'll play it again ... slower, just for you.  (WARRICK smiles.  NICK throws SARA a glance and smiles.)

Interesting the way the transcript describes the action 'cause I was feeling the Warrick/Sara this episode.
CATHERINE:  $250,000 turned a career cop bad.
GRISSOM:  Yeah, well, he had his price.
CATHERINE:  We all do.
The look on Grissom's face is like "Did you just say that?" And she just smiles at him.
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