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Every night I think I'll aim to get to bed early, and yet . . . .

We didn't have any bread, so I bought lunch today.  I asked for a calzone and the woman said, "It has meat in it.  Do you want this instead?"  (Gesturing to the peppers and cheese stromboli.)  ♥  The stromboli wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.  The calzone sign said broccoli & pancetta, and having never heard the word "pancetta" I just assumed it was a kind of cheese.  Dictionary.com, AHD, tells me it's "Italian bacon that has been cured in salt and spices and then air-dried."  And gee, isn't this attractive: "Italian, diminutive of pancia, belly"

We got a letter from the Farrs yesterday.  The were ministers at UCN when I was wee and had daughters who bracketed me in age.  We haven't heard much from them in ages, probably since before Phyllis [bestest old lady evar] died, which was when I was in junior high.

"Ron and I are in our sixteenth year at Emmanuel Lutheran UCC in Watertown.  We think you'd both love this lively, progressive church family.  This past year our church voted to become an Open & Affirming, multicultural, multiracial congregation -- which was no surprise because for over a decade our church has attracted a wealth of diverse people from all walks of life, and we are truly enriched by the miracle of each person here.  We also have become a Green Church (earth-friendly, etc.) and are endorsing as many Fair Trade products as we can.  We feel privileged to be the co-pastors of such an intelligent, open-hearted, open-minded family of faith."

My dad says becoming an Open & Affirming church is what all the cool churches are doing nowadays, and it is so true :)  Still makes me happy, though.  The list reminded me so much of First Churches.  And it occurred to me that if they had stayed I would be having recurrent conversations with wisdomeagle about how it made my brain hurt that her ministerpeople experience was so not mine even though we had such similar ministerpeople, and yeah, potentialities are weird.

Speaking of potentialities, classes at Smith are starting up again, so I get to be jealous (though honestly, I'm really not jealous much at all; look at e go, rocking the contentment).

I missed Children's Lit by one year!  *pouts*  (Plus of course mt's modern poetry seminar last semester, which I was bitter about starting like a year ago now.  I'm over it by now, though.)

(Simmons has a graduate program in children's literature?  Oh, and I don't think I ever linked to it, but kidlit & femslash -- discussion in fox1013's LJ.)

I'm also mildly jealous of Catholic Philosophical Tradition.  Except, oops, it's taught by Carol Zaleski.  Not so much.

thistlerose got a Vermont Teddy Bear Company catalogue in the mail today, so she posted a bunch of picture links.  The Wedding Bears come in m/m and f/f as well as m/f, which is pleasing.  I was reminded of the Hallmark kissing bears debacle of February 2002.  [Sidenote: Not being at Smith means no Anti-Valentine's Day party for me :(  But hey, I do have good memories.]  And most are available in 4 different fur colors.

Pride Bear? I, um, may have made him my desktop at work.  I thought of buying some but, um, $80 = meep!  My mom says I should just get a cheap knockoff in the South End.  Oh, and if you wanted to be subtle: cowboy bear ;)

This afternoon I got an LJ comment from Dec. 28/29.  It was a reply to a fic feedback comment I'd left, so no big, but still, weird.

Hey, Ari, up for remixing Sherlock Holmes fic?  remixredux wants you.

Just before I went to bed last night, I saw: Wendy Wasserstein died (hat tip rhipowered)  Smith did Uncommon Women just last year, and Sisters Rosensweig was one of Huntington's majorly plugged shows last season.  And I started reading her stuff years back when ambrent listed The Heidi Chronicles (I think it was) as one of her top plays.

One of the first things I saw on LJ this morning: Coretta Scott King, 78, Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dies.

In the middle of the day I saw official word that Alito got confirmed.

And tonight is was the State of the Union.  (Oh, fond memories of being defriended 3 years ago.  Not that I have a long memory or anything.)

InstaPundit: "You know, to me Wal-Mart is a lot like George W. Bush. It's not that I'm that big a fan in the abstract, really, it's just that the viciousness and stupidity revealed in its enemies tends to make me view it more favorably than I otherwise would."

What a great summation of how/why I kneejerk at The Left.  Ah, ye Bastion of Liberal Higher Education, look what ye hath wrought.

We saw a commercial during lunch and I was snipping 'cause Brokeback Mountain is so going to win because the Academy likes making statements (plus I was underwhelmed by the film, though I'm still a bitch) but looking at the list (thanks to offbalance), all the nominees are political.  I still think they'll give it to BBM.


My brother and I actually wanted to see Crash.

Oh, speaking of movies to see, Millionaire today had a question about "herbarium" and I thought of "Because it has a fucking H in it" and was said that Mary Alice was unfamiliar with Eddie Izzard.  She does know Douglas Adams, though (Hitchhiker *and* Dirk Gently).  I forget how it came up, but she made a "remember your towel" (something like that) comment and I got it and there was some line that we were trying to place and I couldn't remember if it was in the Hitchhiker books or just sounded like it *could* have been 'cause she has read the Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency books, too, and I haven't.

One of today's questions: Who said "A true friend stabs you in the front" ?  Musing aloud I wondered if it was Oscar Wilde.  Lo he was Option B.  (The girl got it wrong, guessing A: Dorothy Parker.)  I said it sounded like Oscar Wilde, certainly moreso than any of the other options, and Eric said he'd never read any of his work.  I was a bit surprised that he graduated with an English major never having read The Importance of Being Earnest or Portrait of Dorian Grey, though I was never assigned Oscar Wilde in class myself (right?).  Eric's guess was Gertrude Stein (C), whom he called a feminazi.  Mary Alice got that "I'm gonna take you outside and whup you" look.  The only Gertrude Stein I've read was some poetry (from Tender Buttons) in mt's AmLit class, but Eric claims that she says in her writings that she hates men.
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