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Happy February

We watched DS9 at lunch today, though Eric says it's his least favorite of the series (save Enterprise, of course) and he dislikes syndication anyhow 'cause (he says) they cut out 1-5 minutes of showtime to fit in more advertising.  And then I Googled it 'cause it was a two-parter ("Homefront"/"Paradise Lost"  Episodes 4.10 & 11, first aired January 1 & 8, 1996).

And we saw an ad for CSI and I thought I heard Grissom call someone a "damn punk."  I was very confused thinking it was an ad for tomorrow's ep but no, it was CSI: Weekdays on Spike TV.  First Weekends on UPN and now this?  CSI is turning into Law and Order.  (Also: Please note that we were watching Spike TV because channels like Cartoon Network were not coming in.  The Weather Channel was not coming in.  wtf?)

One of the people who's been working on scheduling something with Prof.B. through me said in an e-mail today, "Thanks for carrying the water on this."  Okay, that phrase is a definite new one on me.

Though it's all relative.  I used the phrase "geek out" around RA today and she loved it and said she was totally going to steal it and I was like, "I can't even remember when I first heard that phrase."

She is still working on reorganizing Prof.B.'s office and I'm gonna end up helping and she said her plan was definitely open to change and if I had any input I should please share because I seemed "naturally organized" -- whereas she has to work at it.  I can't speak for her own organizational inclinations -- she always seems fairly together to me -- but yeah, organized is like how I live.

I have my website back.  Turns out I had renewed hosting but not domain registration.  Not that anyone told me I had to renew domain registration.  *sighs*  So relieved to have it back.  May even do a brief first-of-the-month update.  Sleep, what? [Edit: Website updated. Now I have guilt that I am considering going to bed without having fully read/responded to LJ comments/ my flist. And I've already decided definitively that posting thinky thoughts about today's DS9 and mari4212's post is a tomorrow project. But, completionist though I am, sleep is good. It is near 11pm as I write this. Especially because tomorrow night is new CSI and Without a Trace, so I'll already be getting to bed late for sure tomorrow night. Le sigh.]
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