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Without a Trace 4.14 "Odds or Evens"

Nelson(?) re: Andy's gambling problem: He said he kicked it, but . . . .

Ah the parallels to Martin :)

At first I thought Martin was throwing out the empty bottle, but no, he was trying to go cold turkey. I was surprised he threw the bottle in a public trash given that he's supposed to be done with his meds.

(Last week I thought he seemed too calm, but then I realized he was still on his stolen drugs.)

I'm a little confused as to Andy's obsession with making the tape. I mean, one could easily argue that he coerced into confessing this, etc. And the mobsters were gonna kill him (and his mom) if he talked, so why run so many risks? It made more sense when he told Nelson that originally he was just gonna show the tape to his mom and Susan -- he just wanted to clear his name with the people who mattered most.

Giving Susan a husband complicated matters like whoa. Like she said, Case *has* a father. And I'm not sure it would make his life better to add a new father to his life, especially given how complicated the story is -- how do you explain that to a five-year-old? You have to introduce him as a family friend and then it'll be all messy when he gets older and is told the full truth. Anyway, it's not like he's abandoning his son to be raised by a single mom or anything -- which was what seemed to be implied when he said he wasn't gonna add this to the list of mistakes he's made in his life.

As soon as we saw the drum from Elena's line of sight I knew he was dead in there, which is rare for this show (they usually find them alive).

The decision to tell the mom she has a grandson really discomfited me. I mean, she had to be told 'cause she needed to know the full story of her son's motivations and the circumstances and everything, but it pinged my
"fetish for passing on one's genes" peeve. Plus, you didn't consider waiting a bit? Susan (not to mention her husband) might not be ready to let Andy's mom see the kid yet -- nevermind the complications of explaining who the heck this lady is to the kid.

Elena: Does it get any easier?
Jack: Unfortunately, yes.
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